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Joshua Hopkins explains his art pieces at Pasadena Public Library Art Exhibit

Journal Artist Featured Art at Pasadena Public Library

Journal Artist, Joshua Hopkins (15) of Blair High School, had on display several of his artistic drawings and portraits at the Pasadena Public Library’s Teen Center on Sunday, December 7th, 2014. As part of a youth leadership exchange program between the Art Center College of Design and Blair High School, Joshua, who was one of a few young featured artisans, had the opportunity to work with Art Center College students and faculty in the area of design and visual art as well as photography. Joshua, along with other Blair students from the 8th to 12th grade were featured in an evening of … [Read More...]

Nuggets From The Noggin

Dear Nuggets, As a teen in a predominately black neighborhood, it's common to think of police officers with a fearful discomfort. I understand they serve and protect, but as my grandmother would often muse, "History repeats itself if we don't pay attention". It seems the times of their childhood are spilling over into the present, with riots and innocent deaths at the hand of our "protectors". What's going on? Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen of the 21st Century Dear Concerned Citizen of the 21st Century, The news is indicative of a climate shift in citizen and police relations; not many … [Read More...]


P.R.E.T.T.Y. Pioneer Newsletter

December Topic: Girl Talk 3.0: Story Board This is the third installment of Girl Talk where I just wanted to share from my heart. 2014 is coming to a close, a time when Christmas presents are shared and the mantra “New Year, New Me” rings in your ears. The last month of the year is also a popular time to reflect on the experiences and hopefully take away some wisdom to have a smoother New Year. It is far better to make mistakes than fake perfections; so you shouldn’t want to alter yourself but evolve into the best version of YOU. For example, car companies test out their vehicles by using … [Read More...]

Ask the Officer

Here is your chance Dear Officer, What should I do if a police officer stops me on the street? Nervous Dear Nervous; Being stopped by the police under any circumstance can be disturbing. There are many reasons why a police officer would stop someone. If a police officer has a reason to believe something is not right or there might be a problem, they can stop you. The most important thing to remember when coming into contact with law enforcement is to maintain a calm demeanor. If you act upset or suspicious in anyway, you have immediately given them reason to detain you. They can hold … [Read More...]

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