Women of Achievement to Honor Women of the Church

“We salute you for being the change you wish to see.”

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Women of Achievement to honor women of the churchOver the past seven years the Pasadena Journal has honored women leaders. They include women from social service organizations including AKA and Delta Sororities, Phi Delta Kappa, The Links, Women In Action, and Jack and Jill. We honored women in business as well as women pioneers including Pasadena’s first Black teachers, principals, and realtors. We have also honored women in medicine and women in ministry. The event will be held April 12, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., at Brookside Club House, in Pasadena, CA.

This April we will honor women who have answered the call to serve and work in selected churches of our community. Women church volunteer workers are the backbone of our communities. They are often the first teachers that children have outside the home. They are the women who teach young women about church duties and their responsibilities to their husbands and children. They make sure that church bulletins are produced and distributed and the sick and shut-in receive cards and visits. We have observed the women of local churches and asked for suggestions from members about churches that are supportive of the Journal.

Honorees will be chosen from Metropolitan Baptist Church, Bethlehem Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Abundant Harvest, Lincoln Avenue Baptist, Morning Star Baptist, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Scott United Methodist Church, and New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church. Watch in an upcoming issue of The Journal to see the names and bios of these women whose dedication to the community we have chosen to honor.

The women of the church who we have chosen involve themselves in church affairs. They are believers in the motto: “Be the change you wish to see.” Unlike so many of the world who want to see things made better but do nothing, they participate in making things happen. Our 2014 Women of Achievement church workers make things happen, week in and week out, with little or no fanfare, except from the satisfaction of serving God’s people.

Entertainment for the April 12, event at Brookside will include Brother Yusef, Koday Turner, and Candace Lacey. The inspirational message will come from dynamic and well-known speaker, Jewel Diamond Taylor. All in all, the breakfast promises to be a special and inspirational day.

The community is invited to come out and honor these women, congratulate them, and encourage them for their years of love and service. Their church families are encouraged to come out in recognition of and support of their sisters who serve as role models for service. Their personal lives and careers also reflect their love for the community. The Journal is proud to honor these Women of Achievement.

Ticket orders may be obtained through The Journal. Tickets: $40 each. The public is cordially invited (no mailed invitations). DEADLINE: MARCH 30. Hurry! Seating is limited. Call or drop by The Journal Offices: 1541 N. Lake Avenue (corner Lake and Howard) Pasadena, CA. Telephone: (626) 798-3972(626) 798-3972.