Who Owns Your Village?

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Who owns your villageWe all know about New Orleans and the great flood of 2005 known as Katrina. We all know that the Ninth Ward which is predominantly the Black neighborhood of that great historical city has yet to be rebuilt. The Black folks were cleared out like the Native Americans were cleared out of the Great Plains of this country. We know that in July 2013, the once great city of Detroit, Michigan filed for bankruptcy, after the automobile industry cleared out. The demise of the city, under the reign of Mayor Dave Bing (a former NBA player) followed the reign of African American Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the so-called Hip Hop Mayor. It is noted that the plan being negotiated by Detroit in the bankruptcy includes an essential clause that makes sure the banks get paid while the pensioners get a whole lot less.

Next up is probably Gary, Indiana, a city which the New York Times calls a city on the ropes (Thursday, August 15, 2013). In Gary, you can buy a house for $1.00. There are 10,000 on the market right now. The steel industry and other great industries have left, along with half of the population, over the last fifty years. The city is less than 100 miles from Chicago with a predominately Black population of less than 100,000. Attorney Karen Freeman Wilson a Harvard Law school graduate is the mayor of Gary, the hometown of deceased entertainer Michael Jackson. Mayor Wilson, who once purchased her first home under such a governmental sponsored program, is working on plans to bring life and property values back to Gary.

In Philadelphia, the city had to borrow fifty million dollars to open the schools for this year. Chicago shut down near fifty schools. Los Angeles is in trouble with its schools due to lack of funding. The mayor of Philadelphia is Ralph Nutter. The governor is a Republican (Tom Corbett). The state, under Governor Corbett, is responsible for the cuts in education budgets. Guess who gets hurt? Blacks who attend the public schools. I say it is by design, otherwise who will fill the new private prisons being built? If you keep little “Trayvons” uneducated, they can be killed, but if they get away, they can warehouse them in prison and get paid for it.

This is strangely reminiscent of the days when schools were forced to integrate. Then, the states closed their public schools and provided funds to private, segregated schools. I say it’s all happening again. The churches and other civic minded groups must step up and help close the gap. If there is no existing group, form one. In Philadelphia there is The Committee of Seventy, which was developed to find ways to help raise money for the public schools.

This is all part of the backlash for those who hate the fact that we have a Black President and a bunch of so-called immigrants filling what they consider their country. Add a bunch of Republican governors dedicated to seeing the President fail, even if they have to take the whole country down with him.

The point to all of this is Blacks are still an endangered species in America, as long as the Republicans have the majority in Congress, and the Supreme Court is on their side. Endangered as we are, they are working on preventing us from voting, slowing our right to get a fair shot at education, and the elimination of jobs through Affirmative Action. The question for consideration by each of us is what will you do if hard times hit your household? What do you own? What is your plan for ownership in the future? What about your children’s education? What about healthcare?

Think about those Native Americans. What did they own when America and Americans took what they wanted from them? Who owns your village, you or the bank? Who owns your child’s future, the criminal injustice and prison system? Who’s helping you through your difficulties? Not Jay Z and Beyonce. They are busy denouncing Harry Belofante. Not Russell Simmons who recently made a disgusting mock sex video with a mock Harriet Tubman having sex with the slave master pretending to want her freedom in return, and certainly not the Tea Party . . .