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Thanksgiving Blessings

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Thanksgiving blessingsAs we approach Thanksgiving 2014, I have much to be thankful for. I think in terms of God's gifts to me and people, places and things. The people in my family are truly God's greatest gifts to me. Their health and welfare are what are most important, and I thank God their health and welfare are good. When I awake daily and think of my wife of now 52 years, my three sons, their wives, significant others, and my seven grandchildren, I know I am sitting on top of the world. I remember when we all gathered at the Queen Mary for a celebration of fifty years of marriage which was the creation of the family.

Oh there are a few health problems and so the doctors have some business to keep us all feeling as fine as possible. However, if you think that we are going to go through life without some problems, think again. As I wake up and go to shave, I wonder how my father gets in the mirror, and how the pains I complain of sound like what I heard my mother and father complain of years ago. Today, it's my legs. Ms. Ruthie is complaining of back and stomach problems after eating certain things. The blood pressure is a little high, the weight is not what I want it to be.

Ms. Ruthie says I can't hear. I say she is talking softer than she used to, or maybe she is not talking to me and just mumbling to herself. Whatever it is, I like the sound of her voice, even when it is saying she's off to a meeting. I like it even better when I hear the sound of her car returning home, safe with the news of her new adventures.

The things we have accomplished are for family security, and for those things we are thankful. They amount to the basis of our family's economic stability. Those of you who read this column know that I like to talk about income producing assets, like real property. I didn't get enough, but some beats none.

On the subject of places we still try to get out to when we can, I give thanks. Thanksgiving is one of those times when we generally go to Bakersfield to see my sisters and nieces and grandnieces at the home my family bought in 1956. We still own it. I guess that fits into the "things and places" column as well. My brother passed a few years ago, so there is no reason to go to Northern California except to visit Ms. Ruthie's brother and family.

I look forward to the short day trips to Laguna and Santa Barbara for our occasional trips. Now that my son, Jamal and his family are back from Atlanta, Atlanta seems like a foreign land not soon to be visited. We have been on the cruises, trips to West Africa, England, even Italy, but for now AKA activities are prime for a few more years, as Ms. Ruthie is now an officer.

During Jamal and his family's transition from Atlanta back to Altadena, we had the experience having minor children in the house again and traveling between Blair High School for our fifteen year old grandson and Pasadena Christian for our eleven year old granddaughter. We love them, but thank God their parents are back.

From our house to yours, we hope your people, things and places are all okay. It is a good time to say, "Thank God from whom all blessings flow".

Happy Thanksgiving!



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