The Racists are Restless

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Racists are restlessActivities of American racists, primarily represented by the Republican Party and so-called Tea Party, seem to be more restless than ever. Their activities are on the verge of fitting the definition of craziness. This time, there will not be the luxury of saying it is a southern thing. In New York, a statue of Jackie Robinson and Pewee Reese was defiled with swastikas and other racist symbols. In Washington D.C., the Abraham Lincoln statue was defiled with green paint. Now, racist right wing commentators are calling Oprah Winfrey a racist and a merchant of hate and evil, in response to her statement of her opinion comparing the Trayvon Martin case to the 1960’s Emmit Till case. It seems that if you don’t agree with the racists of the Republican right wing, who make their money spouting and promoting hate, you are subject to attack.

Of course the favorite target of the racists is President Barack Obama who has the audacity to be African American. During a recent visit to Arizona, posters were displayed during the landing of Air Force One saying, “Bye Bye Black Sheep” and “Impeach the Half White President.” The efforts to destroy President Obama’s programs center on getting rid of the Affordable Health Care Act, aka, “Obamacare”. Forty congressional votes to repeal a law named after the President is insanity, especially since President Obama would have to sign a new law.

A visit to a bookstore would expose the racist hatred of Obama by the number of books unashamedly bragging about hatred for the President of the United States. I recently saw books about President Obama with titles including, “Leading from Behind” and “The Amateur.” If I would write a book in response to these racists, who think that one of the qualifications for being President is to be white, I would write, “Get Over It. You Lost the Civil War.”

On the other hand, for Blacks I would write. “Be ever vigilant. We lost the last Reconstruction War. Or I would write, “Prepare for a negative future. Build more schools for our children, and build more family businesses”. The racist Republicans/Tea Party don’t want Blacks to vote. They want to return to the employment rules of last hired, first fired. Some call it LIFO, last in first out. Of course they don’t care if we work as The Help or The Butler, as long as we stay in our place and not subscribe to becoming President or Attorney General.

Black America owes it to the spirit of Trayvon Martin to seek a more just justice system. His mother said it best when she said let her broken heart inspire us and vow never to allow another child be murdered like her son was and the murderer walk away. We also owe it to Dr. Martin Luther King, whose “I Have a Dream” speech will celebrate a 50 year anniversary on August 28, 2013, to keep on pushing.

Black Americans have demonstrated an almost undeserved respect and loyalty to this country, in times of war and peace. Now it’s time to return the favor. If the Republicans can’t return the respect, they must know that they will pay the price at the ballot box. I am reminded that Aretha Franklin’s song, “Respect”, also had another song that said, “If you want a do right woman, you have to be a do right man”. I say to the racists, our respect and loyalty is based on the reciprocal model of those songs. Remember, you enslaved our ancestors, and now we represent the country at every level including the Presidency. You killed our king (MLK), and now there is a holiday in his name. We aren’t giving up, and since we are all in this boat together, we may as well be rowing in the same direction.