The Land of the Tea Party Will Rise and Fall in One Day

A Parody of the Shutdown of Government

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Parody of Government Shutdown - Tag People - Tea Party Rise and FallOnce upon a time there arose a TAG of people from the trash heap of Texas, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina; a group of people who call themselves the Tea Party (Tag people) and their followers, the Bag people. These people rose from the dust pod of life during the reign of King Baracko. They had existed since the time of slavery in the land of America, but legitimate power was never to be theirs.

They pretended to rule and survived from the fumes of Hell, left by their ancestors, the Klanners, who lived off of hate and the surviving fumes of their role as slavers. There is a proverb in which lies a theory that says, “A fool despises creation and devises tools out of hatred. Wise men devise tools of destruction against his enemies.”

Neither the Tag nor the Bag people devise tools of creation and love. Instead they unwittingly devise tools for their own destruction. The primary tool was hate for King Baracko and all the dark people who looked like him. People who looked like him were aware that they looked like him because they were like his Father’s dark people, originating in the land, of his birth (Africa).

The land of King Baracko’s lineage was rich in history and resources. Their God had developed a lake with beautiful pink water. They developed the alphabet. They developed mathematical theories so rich that the so-called great ones from Greece and other European and Asiatic lands came there to study from the libraries of Timbuktu. But because hate controlled the Tag people so thoroughly, that hatred passed down from generation to generation and on down to the time of King Baracko.

Efforts to destroy the Libraries of Timbuktu, during the time of King Baracko, were foiled by the fact that the dark people there had hid the treasures from Tag people.

The Tag people were so engaged with the destruction, incarceration and reduction of the dark inhabitants in the land of Tag that they let the brown and yellow people grow in numbers. But there came an election in 2008 and King Baracko was elected. And again, King Baracko was elected in 2012 for a new four year ruling period.

This second election of King Baracko happened while the haters were so engaged that they tried to lock all the dark people up, or drug them, or distract them by just keeping them dancing. The primary unreachable purpose was to make them ineffective. The major problem, however, was that the women of the haters liked the style, the pizazz and the swagger of the dark people that they intermarried with them and then the Tag was headed to becoming only one people, and merging with all the other races.

September had always been a month of historical relevance for the Tag people. September 11th, become a time of celebration for those who could see dark people in tag land go back into the slave quarters. But that would never be.

September had special significance for dark people too. You see, in their history, Ezzard Charles was defeated by the great Joe Louis, in September. American poet Gwendolyn Brooks was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, in September 1950. Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize in September. But lest we forget, 51 Blacks were also lynched in September 1913.

However, there was nothing these Tag haters could do to stop the forward movement of dark folks in Tag Land. The old saying, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile”, came true, because by 2009 the dark people who had landed on these shores in 1619 as slaves, were now ruling the land. They went from the outhouse to the White House.

Now comes September 2013. The Tag haters try to shut down Health Care for the dark people. By now the interracial – interconnections were so strong that the hating Tea Partiers try to bring the whole country down over health care for all.

Only time will tell the outcome. We are all God’s children and soon they will see justice roll down and serve notice that whither thou go, I go too!