Talk of Impeaching President Obama Motivates Us

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Impeachment plan and Tiger MomsTalk of impeaching President Barack Obama has reached a fever pitch in Republican circles. That would leave Joseph Biden in the lead for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in the 2016 election, instead of Hilliary Clinton. The Republicans are looking at the long-term political picture, rather than short term.

They are not stupid. They don’t really think they can impeach President Obama, and if they did, so what? Their plan is slick like a fox. With Hilliary out of the way, they can concentrate on Biden who they think they would have a better shot at beating in 2016. Americans would do well to learn and analyze the actions of their opponents better.

With the Republicans you can find samples of what they are doing by studying the Reconstruction Era in America, from 1865 to 1877, the period after the Civil War in which the states formerly part of the Confederacy were brought back into the United States. During Reconstruction, Blacks were elected to Congress and the United States Senate, in large numbers. The conservatives realized that with Blacks in power, they were never going to get them back on the plantations and acting out their parts as slaves doing their master’s will.

With an agenda for Blacks that seemingly hasn’t changed from the Reconstruction period to now, they are asking themselves the question, like in the song, “How Did You Get Here?” More importantly, they are asking the question, “How can we get you out of there and in such a fashion that you will never get back there again?” It must be hard for Southern racist Whites to be teaching their children the inferiority of Blacks, while a Black is in The White House. Likewise, it must be a difficult lesson to teach the superiority of White beauty when Michele Obama is the standard bearer of beauty. Her whole being screams out, My Black is Beautiful!

We need to keep our eyes on the economic prize more than ever because what good does it do for your Black to be beautiful if your pockets are empty? Michele Obama is a lawyer and Barack Obama is a lawyer. They will still be lawyers when his presidential term ends. Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, Bill Clinton is a lawyer and former Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas.

As of this writing, I realize that each of the people I have talked about have had multiple talents and a Plan A and a Plan B. Each of us should have multiple talents and plans and, hopefully, teach our children to have multiple talents and plans for those hard times. Invest in your children and you will reap the rewards in joy and pride their accomplishments. If you fail to invest in their preparation for the future you will cry at their failures.

It is amazing to see how many young men have to go to prison to find out how smart they are. The prime example was Malcolm X. Your job as a parent is to try and find out their talents, before the neighborhood gang member teaches them another type of talent, using violence or the threat of violence.

It would be better if you use a similar teaching method such as setting standards and having measures of discipline that teach consequences. Choice is a luxury a child must earn instead of mom saying “that’s my baby and he can make his own choices.” NO! I advise mothers and fathers to read the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua, about how Chinese parents teach their children. But the book is called Tiger Mom’s. Choice? No, forget about that. Children do not have a choice. Goal setting and goal achievement is demanded.

In one chapter of the book, the mother, who has two daughters, tells one daughter, “When I tell (your sister) to do something, she responds instantly. That’s why she improves so fast.” That is not a statement of favoritism or a compliment to her other daughter. It is a motivating statement. The mother is saying that she has confidence that this daughter can accomplish the same thing that the other daughter has done.

In Black culture, the same dynamics are at play such as they were when Dr. Benjamin Mays, Morehouse President when Dr. King was there, told his students about his experience under Professor Nix. He said, Nix would tell his Black students that the White boys at University of South Carolina are eating these problems up, but you guys can’t do them. This challenge (reverse psychology) was designed to teach the Black student that they were not the inferiors that society said they were. They were just as smart as the White students.

These are lessons that teach us about parenting. Tiger Moms and Black motivators, take your pick, but do something or your child may discover their talents in prison where it may be too late to use the talent in a positive way. In the case of President Obama, Republicans can talk of impeachment all they want. It motivates us to defeat their plans and vote the talk.