Shutdown Means Shutout

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Shutdown means shutoutOnce again my Daddy’s saying that there are some White folks who don’t sleep at night trying to figure out new ways to keep Black folks down, rings true. Currently, we have a government shutdown started by Southern White congressmen who don’t want Black and poor folks to have affordable healthcare, named Obamacare, after the country’s first Black president. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay and it affects not only Black folks but White folks as well. It was a furloughed White woman who said, “I’m terrified of where we are today. These White Republicans are American terrorists dedicated to maintaining their privileged positions in a world they define in terms of White supremacy.”

Black folks who depend on government work are, as always, an endangered species and the primary victims, with the talk of separating the southern states through another Civil “war” and another 46 million Americans living in permanent poverty. I am a 71 year old attorney with a few college degrees and I am a businessman which includes a small newspaper, I am a property owner, a landlord, and I have a whole lot of dreams for my three sons and seven grandchildren. I have been married to the same woman for over 51 years. We put each other through college and became the first of our families to finish college.

I love Elizabeth Warren, for her social/political culture, and I love Gladys Knight for her expressions of love. I love President Obama for his perseverance and political and inspirational accomplishments. I love Jeremiah Wright, A.G. Gaston, Don Barden, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and Emanuel Cleaver, the North Carolina congressman for their leadership and examples of Black leadership in business, and politics.

I hate slavery, Jay-Z, Gangster Rap, Russell Simmons, and a slew of Black preachers who all got rich by selling out our people. We bought their records and gave tithes to churches that we thought were ours  only to watch the money go up in flames of personal gain, with no establishment of schools, hotels, hospitals, or housing for our people.

There’s a need to hate the ways of the KKK and the Southern racists who lost the Civil War and maintained the racist culture of America.

The current government shutdown proves that we need to accomplish more things to make “the Dream” live for Black American equality. We need Black colleges in the West and in the North. We need more Black controlled banks and corporate giants, including media networks and movie companies, to tell our stories the dreams we hope to achieve. It is these giants who buy the courts and political officers who guarantee what the people need.

The current political/Republican shutdown is a mere formalization of the intended American shutout of Black Americans. To the young people who don’t understand what I am talking about, I suggest a Black history lesson taken from Ebony magazine and books like Lerone Bennet’s, Before The Mayflower and Negro Caravan.