Republicans Oppose Obama’s Healthcare. What’s Next?

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republican southern strategy and healthcare - England health careI keep in the back of my mind a statement by Al Sharpton in the beginning of the Obama years as President. Sharpton said that if Obama said something about him approving swimming, the Republicans would say that Obama can’t swim. I also keep in my mind that one of my granddaughters was born in England while my son was finishing up his Doctorate at Manchester University. The cost of that birth to our family was nothing. Zero dollars. The aftercare for their family was also zero. They had a local clinic that they went to for everyday healthcare. The cost: zero dollars. Imagine that he could concentrate on his studies and his wife could concentrate on taking care of the family without the weight of a health care debt hanging over them.

Here we are in America, the land of the free and the home of the so-called brave, and the health care providers get rich charging the sick to take care of them. Did I say that my granddaughter was born FREE? No cost to the family! I still can’t get over that fact, and yes I want the same thing for my entire family.

Here’s the simple reason the Republicans are fighting this Bill. They are still operating from a Southern strategy, and President Obama is, after all is said and done, an African American, born in Kansas U.S.A. With that pedigree, you are not supposed to be in the President’s seat. The Republicans are asking the question, “How did he get here”? Ironically, the song on the Deborah Cox CD entitled “Deborah Cox, One Night” is entitled, “It’s Over Now”. The CD ends with a song called, “Things Just Ain’t The Same”. Therein lies the answer to how he got there. Similarly, during the sixties, Aretha sang a song called, “Respect”. The other side of that single was a song called, “If You Want A Do Right Woman, You Got To Be A Do Right Man”.

The Health Care/Obama Care Bill is the Law and will continue being implemented, in spite of the Southern Strategy. We witnessed the Southern Strategy when we witnessed the Civil War to keep slavery. We witnessed the Southern strategy when we witnessed the Southerners close the schools after the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown versus Board of Education said separate but equal does not exist!

Over and over again, Black America has witnessed the Southern Strategy attempt to keep us down. We have witnessed the Southern Strategy as it related to wealth, income, college attendance, college graduation, life expectancy, and still we achieve. It slows us down, but it doesn’t work, because to stop Black America you must stop poor whites, Latinos, Asians, and many others who are not rich white men.

We have achieved the United States presidency. We have been college and university presidents, Miss America, president of bar associations and medical associations, performed in and on America’s and the world stages. We have married whoever we wanted to marry, performed all the scientific protocols that anyone else has, and all of this with Confederate flags flying and dogs biting our young to keep us out of the best schools, yet we raise up the best. The Southern Strategy didn’t stop Jackie Robinson, Ralph Bunche, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Thurgood Marshall. We have accomplished Ph.D.’s from the best schools, and when they wouldn’t let us in, we created new schools.

Malcolm X taught us that it’s not our education as M.D. or Ph.D. or our designation as attorney, professor, or scientist. It’s our pigmentation that makes the racist’s see red. Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright says it this way, “I don’t need no pedigree, I don’t need no image. I do need someone to tell me to fight on, preach on, hold on, run on.”

These are the things we need to teach our children, that we can and have done it all and they can do it all with God’s help. To President Obama, regarding health care, we echo your words back to you when you say, “Yes We Can!