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Seeds From The Sower

It had been a day of rain and wind. After the clouds gave way to the sunshine, a mother decided to take her two sons for a walk.

As they passed a large mud puddle, the older son pushed his smaller brother into it. Astonished, the mother asked, "Why did you do that?" "Because," he replied, "I was tricked." "What do you mean tricked?" she asked. "Well," he replied, "when the idea first came to my mind, it felt so good that I thought the Lord was talking to me and telling me to do it. But I guess it was the devil."

It is not always safe to go by our feelings. It is not always wise to go by the wisdom of this world. And it is not always smart to go by the sayings of others.

But it is safe to put our faith and trust in God and to follow His Word. Faith has no value of its own unless it is accompanied by works that honor God. We read in the Bible that His Word is true and useful and will show us what is right or wrong in our lives – that it will always put our faith in God ahead of our feelings.

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