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Seeds From The Sower

My friend asked his date, "Do you think that you could learn to love me?"

"That depends," she replied, "on how much you are willing to spend on me and my education."

Apparently she loved his money much more than she loved him.

Like that girl, there are many who look to God for what they can get.

They expect Him to provide for all their needs: heal their bodies, calm troubled minds, comfort broken hearts, supply all of their wants.

Our Lord said, "You want to be with Me because I fed you, not because you believed in Me as your Savior and Lord. But you shouldn't be so concerned about things that are perishable – the things that have no eternal value like food and clothes.

Rather, spend your time and energy seeking eternal things; by sharing the Gospel as good witnesses, caring for those in need and investing your time in reading my Word."


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