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Notes on Black History and How to Make Tomorrow Better

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - How to help your Black childrenAs we celebrate Black History Month, there is much to be proud of, but there is much to remember and improve on. In the area of pride, we have come from being occupants of the slave cabin to occupy the White House. In the area of needing improvement, we need to learn the benefits of ownership to be truly free.



Black History According to You!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Black History in the makingBlack History is a three-sided story for me. There is the history I have lived and witnessed, the stories my research and reading has taught me, and the history my mother and father taught me from their experiences. From my relatively short life, I have seen some of the most amazing changes in America's social fabric, topped off twice with the election of Barack Obama as President of these United States of America.



Black History is a Living and Changing Thing

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Contributing to Black History MonthNext month is the official time set for Black History Month. However, the life of every African American family is a contributor to Black History, every month and every day. I can remember things that happened that made my family history and how I contributed to it. For instance, this morning I woke up early to write this column and made myself coffee and cinnamon toast. I remember that my mother made us cinnamon toast by spreading some butter on bread, and sprinkling some cinnamon and sugar on top, and placing it in the lower oven (broiler).



Change Has Come But There is Some Work to Do

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Still work to be done - rights taken awayAs I watched television on Martin Luther King's birthday (January 15), I noticed an advertisement depicting a Black wife, a White husband, and their child. This advertisement follows a so-called controversial advertisement for Cheerios with a Black father, a White mother, and their child. I am of the age when we saw so few Blacks on television, and when we did, all activity in the house stopped to watch. We all watched Dianne Carroll play "Julia" and then there was "Good Times" with JJ, and then, of course, later "The Cosby Show" where we all discovered that there were families where Blacks were professionals.



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Message Lives On

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Each year as January 15 rolls around, we are reminded that Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. lived. He preached the word of God and helped the world to understand what love of fellow man was about, and then he died, leaving the work of spreading equality to the rest of us.



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