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Stop Voting for Bonds That Don’t Benefit Us

In April of this year The Journal wrote about the State Of Black Pasadena. We focused in part on Education and Economics. We wrote about the mistake the Board of Trustees made in hiring the then School President. Since then the problem has been alleviated and the clock is running on the hiring of a new President by a new Board. We wrote about problems in the elementary school level and the new Superintendent's penchant for hiring outsiders from Glendale and Gilroy to run the school district. Now, based on a series of meetings going on in the community, the problem has taken on a new dimension with the spending of Measure T Bond money. Some people say the solution is the same one taken by the Pasadena Unified School District, meaning we need to stop the clock and rewind with a new Superintendent. Others are saying we need to give him a chance. That sounds strangely familiar to the chants heard with the past Superintendent. We heard "give him a chance" for eight years and our children got eight years behind as well as the building project known as Measure Y got eight years behind. What now?

In years past Black newspapers were a part of campaigns that said "don't shop where you can't work." This was the way to fight discrimination in jobs at stores where Blacks could spend their money but they couldn't get a job. Not so amazingly, the same pattern is showing up in new and different ways. I say it's not amazing because we are in hard economic times, and with economic hard times everybody reverts to the laws of the jungle. The law of the jungle basically throws out rules of perceived fairness and reverts to a system labeled by Charles Darwin as the theory of Survival of the Fittest. The Darwin theory is usually accompanied by one that says "Blacks should be the last hired and the first fired."  It is otherwise known as LIFO (last in first out).

Another part of Darwinism promotes support for those who look like the ones making the decisions, or the one who will most benefit the decision maker. A major example is the Health Care fight going on now in the US Congress. The politicians are more interested in keeping the Health Care Industry happy than in doing what is best for the people they call their constituents. And they have used the Health Care and Insurance money to sell what they are selling to the masses. 

On a local level there are hundreds of millions of dollars in School Bond (Measure Y and Measure T) monies being spent allegedly for the purpose of improving the schools. The Bonds were voted in with promises that if we voted for the Bonds we will build better schools and hire local workers in the process.  The information I am getting is that Blacks are being left out of getting the jobs, even though they are paying their fair share of the bonds and taxes. Why are we being left out? Because that is what happens when you suffer silently rather than stand up and speak up at the School Board meetings.

It could be a win-win deal on the face on it. Our kids get better schools for a better education, and their parents who own construction businesses or work in local construction businesses get jobs to feed, clothe, and house their children. Everybody wins, in theory.  However, in fact, what seems to be happening is that the money comes in from us but goes out to "them", the builders who don't live in or send their children to schools our children attend. The money we voted to spend ends up going to those contractors and workers from Orange County, Gilroy or other foreign places. And to boot, our kids stay at the bottom of the educational barrel.

We need to stop voting for Bonds which only promote those people who spend our public tax monies for themselves to get fat on.  The old folks called this fattening hogs for snakes, where you spend time and effort fattening hogs only to see them become food for snakes or other predators. In the case of humans, we feed the kitty with our local taxes and bonds, and the outside contractors, who come in and bring outside construction workers who take the money and leave each night. They go to spend "our money" in their community leaving us in the same shape we were before we voted for the Bond in the first place.

As a note: Just because the Bible says the poor will be with you always, doesn't mean that the poor must always be us!

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