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A Season of Thanksgiving In A Time of Need for Our Nation

African  American news from Pasadena - EditorialOnce again the Season of Thanksgiving is here and we have much to be thankful for. So I have listed a few things that we should add to our lists, as people who find ourselves in bad economic times with an African President.

At the top of the list should be to thank God for our young President and continue to bless him with wisdom and knowledge to do what is right and good within the unlimited boundaries of God's will.  We need to pray for him because there are evil forces who, in God's name, are praying for his demise. The so-called "Conservative Christian Evangelicals" have outdone themselves in proving that they are anything but Christ-like. They, in their zeal to overshadow President Barack Obama, are selling t-shirts and other paraphernalia that say "Pray for President Obama according to Psalms 108:8."  Psalms 108:8 says, "Let his days be few; and let another take his office".  The context is further explained by looking at verses 9 and 10, they say, "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.  Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg..." In this season of Thanksgiving it is the duty of all Americans, in general, and Black Americans, in particular, to once again teach the world how to love. We love President Barack Obama and we claim to love America and, therefore, we should pray for his success, knowing that our success is inextricably tied to his success. And then, because it is the Christian way, we should pray for those fools who think that killing him will accomplish something that benefits anything but their hate.

On another note, on Thursday of last week I got a call from a friend who was excited about a meeting at Pasadena City Hall where over one hundred young people showed up. The crowd was there to request that the city adopt some policies that would result in jobs and programs for young people in need of help. I, again, focused on the (1) problem that needed to be solved, (2) the circumstances that caused the problem, and (3) the resources needed to solve the problem. At the top of the list is the simplest item.

Number 1, the problem: Young people need things to occupy their time and educate them as they prepare for the future. Education can come from books or experience.

Number 2: what caused the problem are Conservative Government policies that destroyed the jobs for youth programs and the education for all system. This was done in  exchange for providing policies that committed all of the countries resources to war, dedicated to making the rich richer as they supply products and services to take control of foreign nations through the war system. The war is to control the wealth and oil of the Middle East. 

To simplify the problem, think about the government resources as your family budget and think of war as fruit. If you earned $1,000 per month and you dedicated $500 of it to fighting your neighbor to control the fruit growing on his trees, you can either keep spending $500 per month, or you can invest in planting some trees of your own, negotiate a better price, or give up your appetite for fruit. As long as you keep spending half your resources on one thing, other needs, like food, education and shelter, go wanting.

Number 3. When the resources to solve the problem are controlled by the ones who caused the problem and you go to them with a plan that counts on their benevolence to solve it, you still have a problem. Then you are begging.  The alternatives are to vote and take over the power and the control of the resources or act entrepreneurial and plant your own trees.

Nowhere in the report of what happened at City Hall last week was there any mention of entrepreneurial training.  That means that when the dust settles, the control of the resources will still be with the city council who, in general, don't look like those requesting help.  Without a plan that includes an entrepreneurial component there is no real solution in sight, just another stop-gap measure.

What's needed is an entrepreneurial plan that creates a skill bank, an exchange of the beggar's mentality, for an entrepreneurial self-help spirit. Then, there needs to be programs that provide training and creation of skills needed that is controlled by those in need. With a skill bank, a self help mentality, and dedication of resources to success, the problem is on the way to a permanent solution. Direct your prayers and resources there. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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