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Do Something for Our Young, Don’t Let the Neighborhood Idiot Lead

Am I the only one who is sick of seeing young Black males with their thug culture on display, their pants hanging down, and their disrespectful vulgar language constantly being thrown around?

Isn't it time to stop being so tolerant and do something about it. Not me, YOU PARENTS AND CIVIC LEADERS WHOSE JOB DESCRIPTION REQUIRE YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE YOUNG. They can't read, so they can't get a job. They hang out on the corners waiting for the cops to catch them doing something they can get arrested for, and the cops will oblige.

If the cops don't catch them doing something wrong, they sometimes may stop them and create a situation where they can arrest them anyway. But if they are respectful, even in the face of bad cops, they have a better chance of getting out of trouble.

I have a police report where the police actually wrote they wanted the jailer to "PUT THE YOUNG MAN 'ON ICE' UNTIL THEY COULD THINK OF SOMETHING TO ARREST HIM FOR." To that particular jailer's credit, he refused.

I know some of you are doing something now, but more needs to be done. Stop waiting on someone else to do something for the children in your neighborhood. Do something yourself, today. We have a system of neighborhood watch organizations for safety. Why not a system of NEIGHBORHOOD YOUTH CLUBS? If you don's start a club, the gang already has one.

The President of Morehouse College has a saying which he repeated at the recent PASADENA/ALTADENA NAACP Dinner: "IF THE VILLAGE ELDERS WON'T LEAD, THE VILLAGE IDIOTS WILL." The gangs represent the village idiots.

There needs to be a fight to change the education system back to one that takes the disruptive students out of the classrooms and leave in the ones who want to learn. How can one teacher who has a student count of thirty, teach a class of thirty students when some of them act so bad that disciplining them takes so much of the teacher's time that the teacher can't teach the rest? WE WANT TO BLAME THE TEACHER and wonder why the kid can't get or keep a job.

A retired teacher came into my office a few days ago. She said she wanted to teach as a substitute, but she was tired of being called a "Miss Bitch" by the students everyday. When she sent them to the principal's office for discipline, they were back in the class the next day calling her the same thing and the rest of the students had to endure the classroom idiot dictating the direction of the class.

I suggest that the parents of who want their children to succeed, meet to develop neighborhood youth clubs. Have a book reading component, a travel component, sports/ exercise component, and a music component to make up for what the schools don't teach anymore. It's not hard. You should be able to get help from city and county recreation workers and students from the local colleges. Try it; it is cheaper than raising bail and certainly more rewarding.

As a further note this week and in the next couple of weeks Youth organizations like the Scouts and the Boys and Girls Clubs are recruiting young people for their programs. Bring your young people to the Boys and Girls Club at 2020 North Fair Oaks and find a way to enroll them. Also take your boys and girls to the Scouting offices and sign them up. Don't forget the local sunday school at the church in your neighborhood.

If you care you will get up and do something to give your child a head-start.