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Republicans, Racism, Hate and Greed

When slavery was financially beneficial for American businessmen they were willing to go to war and kill other Americans to protect their profits and keep Black Africans in slavery. When Martin Luther King was killed it was because the Black garbage workers wanted a more equitable pay for their labor. Today we see the Insurance Industry and Health Care industry corporate giants on the verge of losing their stranglehold on the dollars they earn by controlling the Health Care Industry. We see America's first Black President leading the charge and again we see that they are prepared to lie and create a climate where some will, yes, even kill to keep the profits coming in.
When Dr. King was killed in Memphis on April 4, 1968 it was because he was there trying to help settle a garbage workers strike for better pay. When Dr. Benjamin Mays spoke at Dr. King's funeral services he reminded us that we all bear some responsibility to make things right for other Americans. And when they go wrong we bear the responsibility because we didn't fight the forces of hate and greed to defeat the legacy of equality of Americans.
In his eulogy of Dr. King he said, "The Memphis officials must bear some of the guilt for Martin Luther's assassination. The strike should have been settled several weeks ago. The lowest paid men in our society should not have to strike for a more just wage. A century after Emancipation, and after the enactment of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, it should not have been necessary for Martin Luther King, Jr., to stage marches in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma, and to go to jail thirty times trying to achieve for his people those rights which people of lighter hue get by virtue of their being born white. We too are guilty of murder. It is time for the American people to repent and make democracy equally applicable top all Americans. What can we do? We, not the assassins, represent America at its best. We have the power - not the prejudiced, not the assassin, to make things right."

The forces of evil and greed are out fighting to keep the profits rolling in. They are working to keep their top executives earnings millions of dollars per year while the rest of us struggle to pay increasingly high premiums for health care coverage. They are our creating a climate that would equate a young Black President as a monster named Hitler. They are out talking about Obama Death Squads out to kill the sick, and the elderly, and now we see the latest entry from former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sara Palin talking about Obama Death Panels out to kill her Down Syndrome child.

The fever pitch to destroy the rights to equal Universal Health Care has taken a dangerous turn and death is in the air. These are the same forces that created the atmosphere that justified the killing of the abortion clinic doctor in his church. These are the same forces that caused the killing of John F. Kennedy as he was on the verge of passing the Civil Rights Bill, and then the killing of his brother, Bobby, and Dr. King and Medgar Evers. The same forces of hate that bombed the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, killing four little Black girls are at work today trying to kill change and progress through health care reform legislation. Implicit in the atmosphere being built up is that this young President can be killed. What those who are pawns in the struggle between progress and maintenance of economic power forget is that when they tried to stop slavery with a civil war, the result was the Emancipation Proclamation stopping slavery. When they killed Dr. King and the Kennedys', the Civil Rights Bill was passed. The forces of evil have won battles but the war for justice and equality is usually only delayed, not forever denied.

The Clintons tried to get a Universal Health Care Bill passed in 1992. It was denied by the same forces, but here we are again. Victory is in sight as long as we don't get weary and give up. And by the way, killing this president will have a high price to pay. And just as the killing of Abraham Lincoln after he "freed the slaves" did not re-start slavery, his early death will just hasten the change he is fighting for. His death would answer the question of whether Reverend Jeremiah Wright was right or wrong when he said, "God Damn America" instead of "God Bless America."

Republicans and racists may as well leave President Barack Obama alone. His life is in God's hands, and whether they like it or not, he was sent for just such a time as this.