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Racism Trumps Religion in the Republican/Tea Party

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Racism Trumps Religion in the Republican/Tea PartyThere was a time when Christians tended to be more concerned with candidates who shared issues of their faith than with any thing else. That all seems to have gone by the wayside with a Black Christian President named Barack Obama and the possibility that he will serve another term. The so-called Christians today would rather vote for a candidate who is a member of a cult, by their own definition, and is a liar acting in violation of God's law that says, "Thou shall not bear false witness," i.e.: lie.

The Christian Holy Bible says that liars shall burn in the lake of fire. White Republicans who profess to be Christians seem to be willing to burn in the lake of fire than re-elect a black president. The other conclusion is that they are not true followers of Jesus Christ and never believed in Jesus Christ in the first place. In past years, they have called themselves the moral majority, but they are neither moral nor are they the majority.

The mention of whites losing their racial majority status is an issue that raises the question of whether whites are afraid of their imminent loss of that status, probably by the next presidential election. By 2016, America may no longer be able to say whites are the majority ethnic and racial group. That fact frightens many whites since many believe they may lose their status of being a privileged race and they don't know how to prepare for it.

There was a time when I had decided that it was a waste of time talking to white folks about race. It was clear to me that most whites were happy with their perceived status of being on top of the social and economic heap and their conversation was patronizing to any blacks they saw. The problem with the social and economic structure is, and was, that it was the results, not of their having defined the social structure but they had cheated their way to the top, like what's going on with voter suppression.

In a sense, they built the ladder and wrote the rules assigning what rung each group occupied on it. The myth of white superiority was sold so well that white privilege and white entitlement became a fact that everybody adhered to. But Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that the struggle would expose white supremacy for the lie that it is. Over and over in his speeches, he reminds us of the words of the poet Thomas Carlisle who says, "No lie can live forever." He reminds us of the words of William Cullen Bryant who said, "Truth Crushed to Earth will rise again."

In a famous speech following the Montgomery to Selma march of March 25, 1965, to fight for the right to vote, Dr. King gives an analysis of racism and politics that reminds us of what is going on today. In the speech, with the theme: "Our God is Marching On", he reminds us that "we must pay our respects to the white Americans who cherish their democratic traditions over the ugly customs and privileges of generations and come forth boldly and join hands with us." He talks of "the strange career of Jim Crow", as set out in a book of the same name by C. Van Woodard.

Woodard writes, and Dr. King in his speech reminds us, of how the white aristocracy, he calls Bourbons, through their control of the mass media revised the doctrine of white supremacy. The doctrine serves as the roots of racism. The theory is used to cloud the minds of poor whites while hiding the real issue of their populist movement. The real issue, then, being to keep wages as low as possible to increase the profits of the Bourbons (white aristocracy). Today, that would be the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas.

By creating a split between poor whites and blacks, they prevent unity between them in fighting for a better life for both groups. He says that during slavery, the Bourbons took the world and gave Blacks Jesus. They took the world and gave the poor whites Jim Crow. When the poor whites found their stomachs empty and their children crying out for the necessities their empty pockets couldn't afford, they fed their children Jim Crow. They fed them by the signs on public buildings and stores that said "whites only". King called Jim Crow the last outpost of psychological oblivion.

Watching today's Republican/Tea partiers, they profess Christianity while trying to reduce black voting. They profess equality while screaming false and negative things about a black president. Examples are Sarah Palin saying, "The president is shucking and jiving," and John Sununu saying "Colin Powell is only supporting the president because they are both black", indicating that racism is still here and Jim Crow is still being served, and the so-called Birthers, using the mass media, trying to promote the American born president as "different", with the subtle message to whites that he's not American, like us.

The silence of a Mormon presidential candidate on the Jim Crow issue of voter suppression speaks volumes about where he and his party stand on today's Jim Crow issues and their racism. Dr. King also reminds us in his 1965 speech that Jim Crow is a psychological bird that told whites that no matter how hard things were, at least they were white and, therefore, better than blacks. Combined with legislators that placed on the books laws that maintained separation of the races, the ruling class figured that, that did it! King ended his speech with a refrain that prods us to "march on the ballot boxes till race baiters disappear from the political arena. Tragically, the race baiters are still here and his prodding refrain is still relevant. Sadly, this speech also has a refrain that gives a call of the question, "How long?" The response says, "Not long", because "truth crushed to earth shall rise again and no lie can live forever." The election of President Obama does not signal the end of racism but gives truth to the promise that no lie, like white supremacy, can live forever.

You may be going to the polls to vote on Novembber 6th. We may likely still be counting votes well into the weeks and months ahead. Whoever wins, racist whites should know, we're on to you, we know your tactics, and though you'll be staying up many nights trying to find new ways to stop us, you can't. As Dr. King's speech title says, "OUR GOD IS MARCHING ON," so are we!