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Vote in Your Own Self Interest

TheBlack news from Pasadena - Editorial - strength in numbers...vote in your own self interest...re is a Christmas song that says, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Well it's beginning to feel a lot like election time as we draw nearer to November 6, 2012 to determine whether the money of racist billionaires can outdo the will of the people to re-elect Barack Obama for a second term.

I've seen a lot of elections in my years on this earth, but I can't remember when racism and sexism played such a great part. Every time I hear a Republican talk about returning to better times, I wonder what times are they talking about? Are they talking about a time when a Black person could only dream of being elected President of the United States? Is that why they call it the American Dream?

The other point that is interesting is the large number of persons who are willing to vote against their own self interests. Why? There are women who are willing to vote for a man who is promising to close the door to affordable health care for women, such as Planned Parenthood, and prescribe to a theory that women should work, even if they are not guaranteed wages equal to men for the same work as spelled out in the Lilly Ledbetter Act. This was the first bill that President Obama signed once he was elected to the office of President.

Some women are willing to vote Republican even though the Republican standard bearer has publically stated that women should only work if they can get home in time to cook dinner. He said this only after saying that requirement is based on "if women must work." I'll bet he doesn't have a problem with women working as domestics and maids. Then there is the peculiar position on contraception and abortion. Essentially, Romney says that an employer should be able to determine if a woman can qualify for health care if it fits his, the employer's, moral code.

I can't help but think about Romney refusing to turn over his tax returns, while cavorting with the likes of Donald Trump who pretends he wants President Barack Obama to turn over his birth certificate. And yet there is a NAACP president down in Texas who has gotten his branch to endorse Romney for president. The NAACP is not supposed to endorse anybody for political office.

And then there's the Latinos who Romney believes have a right to self deport and return to Mexico even if they came here as children without their own consent. I say that Blacks, women and Latinos are voting against their own self interests when they vote for someone who has said and done very little in the way of supporting their civil rights and has demonstrated just what (harm) he would do if he were to win. Again, I ask, why would you vote for him? Do you hate yourself? Or are you that stupid?

There is ample evidence of the Republican Party's hatred of Blacks and Browns. One only needs to look at the efforts to suppress the vote which include threats of being convicted of a felony if you vote and paying white folks to hang around the polls to intimidate Black and Brown voters as they go to the polls. Other tactics include changing polling places and threatening people will lose their jobs if they vote for President Obama. In one eastern city a sample ballot in Spanish that was sent out to Spanish speaking voters stated, "Vote on November 8". The correct date is November 6. And yet there are Black, Brown and Latino folks who will still vote for Romney.

Lest we forget these conservatives are the same ones who fought to keep Blacks in slavery and supported Jim Crow laws. Latinos should remember. They put you in the same boat as Blacks. Be aware that if they have dogged Obama because he is Black and of African Heritage, they will do the same to you. Just wait on your turn. Imagine the cartoons they will do with a Latino in the White house. They showed the Obama White House with a watermelon patch on the White House lawn, and showed President Obama as an African Tribal Chief with bones in his nose. How many unflattering ways will they characterize a Latino, or for that matter a female President? So why would Blacks, Latino's or women still vote Romney?

I urge you to vote in your self interest and if you've got a few extra dollars send that in too. Remember racist billionaires are working on buying this election, but there is strength in numbers sending in $25, $50 or $100. I plan to vote in my self interest and in the interests of my family. I plan to vote Barack Obama for President of the United States of America!



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