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The Republican Convention - A Festival of Lies Born of Racism

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republican tacticsThe Federal courts in Texas, Ohio and Florida, this week, overturned the voter suppression programs of the Republican Party in those states. The bills were produced to reduce the number of Blacks, Latinos, the elderly and other voters who the Republicans believed would vote democratic. The appeals court in Texas found that the gerrymandering of the voting districts in Texas based on the 2010 census had a discriminatory purpose and effect that included reducing the power of Black and brown voters to elect candidates of their choice.

The voter suppression actions were only one part of the campaign of the Republican Party to buy, or steal, the re-election of America's first Black President. Another part of the campaign was to lie, lie, and lie some more. The purpose of the lies was to make mostly older white voters believe that President Obama was not an American, that he hated America, and that he was somehow sent to harm America (and code language that "he's not one of us".)

The Republican tactic on display was described in an August 30 editorial of the "New York Times". The article described the tactic by writing the following: "Invent a phony attack on President Obama's policies, which are public, in full detail and hope that voters get confused, throw up their hands and cast their votes on some other issue or on emotion." It seems to be working, as the polls are still showing a neck and neck race, in spite of the exposure of the festival of lies put on by the Republicans at their 2012 convention in Tampa, Florida.

Over the past week, the same party that promoted voter suppression wanted voters to trust them as they carried out a plan that appears to have been conceived in an intercourse between racism and hatred of Blacks. The world looked in on the execution of a plan to distort the great progress that has been made on the American social and economic front under the Obama administration. This was done, in spite of the Republican Party's thinly veiled plan and visible efforts to make sure that President Obama fails. The Republican Party acted maliciously and willfully and appeared to be willing to lynch America in order to carry out their stated goal of preventing President Obama from having a second term.

Anyone following the convention with an open mind would be confused by a Republican Party that claimed that President Obama was out to harm Medicare. Further, the Republicans tried to sell the lie that President Obama had stolen 715 billion dollars from the Medicare plan to pay for a destructive affordable health care act, also known as Obamacare. They failed to explain that they would destroy the Medicare program, as it exists, and replace it with what is now being called Vouchercare.

Under Vouchercare, eligible seniors would get a specific amount of money to go out shopping with insurance companies for the best bargain. They would lose the so- called Obamacare protections that guarantee coverage for those with pre-conditions. They would lose the provision that allows for coverage of children up to age twenty-six. And they would lose the provision that keeps down the cost of prescription medicine. I dare you to go out and trust the insurance industry to sell you the best deal.

The same sales team of Republicans, who had historically sold the myth of white superiority to the world, and with unlimited dollars, were here again knocking at the door to sell a new product with their lies. This time they are telling the world that a white man whose life was a closed book and who got rich by destroying American jobs by sending them overseas was better than a Black man who was an open book with a proven track record.

Obama's record includes keeping the automobile industry alive while Republicans said let it go bankrupt. Then, they could have blamed that on President Obama. Obama has produced a near universal health care program called the Affordable Health Care Act. The plan was based on one created in Massachusetts by the same architects for the Republicans plan. The Republicans now oppose the same act they designed.

President Obama's foreign policy is golden; his opponent has no foreign policy experience other than a couple of years as a missionary for the Mormon church. His Mormon religion had clear discriminatory policies against Blacks until 1978, but he has never spoken out against discrimination. The Mormon church still discriminates against women. Obama has also gotten us out of the illegal and costly war in Iraq and is working on Afghanistan.

Candidate Romney lies about Obama apologizing for America. However, he says nothing about George Bush's actual and well-deserved apology to Africa for America's involvement in the International Slave Trade.

During the Obama hate-fest, at the Republican convention, Republicans talked about their love for the founding fathers of this country and lied about those guys being Christians. But they ignore their so-called Christian father's justification for slavery of Black humans from Africa within the Constitution and their discrimination against women in denying them the vote.

Republican Vice President Candidate Paul Ryan told a bold faced lie about President Obama's allowing the closing of the Janesville automobile plant in his home town. When confronted with the fact that the plant closed before President Obama even took office, he doesn't back down. He persists with the lie, adjusting it to say that President Obama said he would re-open it.

Candidate Romney says he will get jobs for everybody, which includes the twenty-three million unemployed. He also says he will get rid of all deficits, all without raising taxes on the rich. He's for women's rights, but he will close Planned Parenthood. He doesn't believe in discrimination against gays, but would reinstate the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

The Republicans took one half of an Obama statement and made it one of their convention themes. The President said, essentially, that American taxes build the highways and bridges that allow businesses to get their products to market. He also said, "You didn't build that," meaning the highways and bridges. The Republicans who have made millions by acquiring government contracts now criticize the President because they say he doesn't understand business. Someone pointed out that neither does Paul Ryan, but the president has run the United States for the past four years and kept us out of bankruptcy, in spite of the festival of lies that have been told on him by loyal, but lying Republicans.

Everyone saw the Clint Eastwood debacle with the empty chair. Someone said that even the empty chair is better than Romney would be as President. Obama let them know that the seat is taken. Go out and vote to keep Obama in the seat!


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