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Republicans Angry at Black Progress

Join the March . . . Send Money to Re-Elect the President

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republicans angry at Black progress...A letter to the editor in a recent Pasadena Star News issue from a man, I believe from La Crescenta, who wrote, among other things, that he was half Black, caught my eye. Around the same time, I watched Congressman Darryl Isa trying to get America's first Black Attorney General, Eric Holder, fired and held in contempt of Congress or force him to resign. I recalled something that the man wrote.

He wrote something to the effect that White folk don't stay awake at night trying to figure out ways to keep Black folks down. I remember that prolific statement because it is the exact opposite of what my Black Daddy taught me. By the way, I am proud to say that my Mama was Black too. I'm not half anything. If that seems to be confusing, I don't know. Daddy taught me that there are some, I emphasize " SOME", White folks who indeed don't sleep at night trying to figure out ways to keep Black folks down.

For the benefit of the half Black man who wrote the letter, I suggest the following: In a previous article I wrote that it's a full-time job being Black. There are no vacations, it's lower pay for the same work, fewer educational opportunities, and the last hired and first fired. The recession for the white man means depression for Blacks. The list goes on and on, like Whites get forty three Presidents and we get one, and then they try to tear him down with lies and tricks.

When I was a little boy, I remember that when we were prosperous and my dad bought my mother a new Buick automobile, Mama was told not to drive that car near Daddy's job because there were White employees who would be upset because the new Buick was a sign that we were doing well. Doing well was not good in their minds. When daddy quit his job and started his own business, his previous boss went to Daddy's landlord and told him that he would pay him to raise daddy's rent so he couldn't stay in business and, ultimately, forced daddy to close and go back to work for "the man." However, there was nothing they could do to close up our family's other business. As I think about it today, maybe it was because it was in the Black part of town and we depended on mostly Black patronage to survive.

I know that today's Republicans see the fact that there is a Black family in the White House, just like those Whites in Bakersfield, California who saw my mother's new Buick. Then, for there to be a Black Attorney General that they don't control, like they control Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, it must be too much for them. And when they walk out on the National Mall and there is a thirty foot statue of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., their liquor bill must go up. Yes, there are people who can't sleep at night because Blacks continue to move ahead, in spite of their evil thoughts and deeds. Because of this, there is continuing work to be done.

The work to be done is as it was in the Hopkins household when we knew our progress was contrary to the grand plan constitution that made Blacks only three fifths of a man. The work to be done was to get an education, so that the contradictions of Thomas Jefferson were exposed. Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal in the Declaration of Independence. To that, I say "Amen". As if schizophrenic, Jefferson held slaves, while at the same time was sleeping with a slave woman, named Sally Hemming and making "half Black" babies with her.

Make up your mind, Thomas. To Darryl Isa I say get over your racist attacks on the President and the Attorney General. To Black America, your role is to fight to keep the progress growing. That means go vote. That means learn to send a few dollars to your favorite candidate to help them win.

I went out and got a money order with my few dollars and sent it to the President. My wife sent it in the envelope with Michelle's name on it. I will send more soon. You can send five dollars, ten dollars, fifty dollars or more. It all adds up.

When we were just out of slavery we prayed for progress and we built churches and schools with our few dollars. At the same time the rich plantation owners spent their big money to keep us down, and the Klan was created to keep us down, but we got over. Nothing but the names have changed. The corporations are the plantation owners. The Tea party is populated by and represent the viewpoint of the Klan. Think about it. They would have no problem watching a house burn down if it took tax dollars to pay the firemen to put it out. Think about it. We went from being unpaid in slavery to underpaid as sharecroppers. Back then you needed to live to be sixty five to collect social security, but Black men generally didn't live to be that old. So where did the social security money go? And what about the rent the plantation owner got for renting my great-great grandpaw out?

What about that?