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Republicans Can’t Get Away From Practicing Racism

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Republican's and racismThis week Thursday, May 17, 2012, New York Times exposed a plan by some Republican financial fat cats to, in their words, "Highlight race related sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr." The purpose was to ostensibly prove that President Barack Obama is anti-American and should not receive a second term as President. In a plan called "The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama", the owner of the Chicago Cubs and founder of TD Ameritrade, Joe Ricketts, has spent over ten million dollars to put together a smear campaign against America's first Black President.

Think about it. Folks who have earned millions, like Ricketts, from the labor of Black ball players and possibly some Black investors through Ameritrade are now using that money to prevent "us" from rising to the top. So far this sounds familiar. When you add the fact that the Ricketts cabal was going to hire an "articulate Black man" to be the front man in their plan to prevent being called racists, it gets even more familiar. We know the plan well and we call this kind of Black man "UNCLE TOM". In this case, the article mentions Black conservative radio host like California's Larry Elder. The funny thing here is that Elder is here being publicly identified as a bought and paid for Uncle Tom. How sad!

Recent events involving statements by New Jersey's Black mayor, Cory Booker, and former Tennessee Congressman, Harold Ford, the Ricketts plan may have been modified. Statements by this up and coming pair seem to undermine President Obama's plan to debunk the myth of how great a businessman Mitt Romney was and how Romney would help America out economically. It is starting to look like the pair were purchased along with Elder to add some apparent credibility to the Ricketts plan.

In the meantime, Mitt Romney looks like the Republican standard bearer for President in the 2012 election. The Republican's standard bearer is a Mormon. Until 1978 Blacks could not rise to the level of Priest in their church. Blacks were not equal, and yet I have never heard Mormon Mitt Romney say a word against the historical racism of his church where he rose to the level of Bishop.

As for Jeremiah Wright and the so-called Liberation Theology that Whites like Ricketts think is so bad, I am a Jeremiah Wright fan. I used to rise at four a.m. on Sundays to cut in on the television to hear him preach. Black Liberation Theology is a theory that Black folks can and should use the word of God to liberate them from racism and white supremacy. Professor James Cone is the primary theologian responsible for books on Black Liberation Theology. Cone is a Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York.

It is clear to any critical thinking observer that there are a group of white folks out there who would rather see America die or go broke than re-elect Barack Hussein Obama President. They can't talk about the bad job he is not doing, so they resort to name-calling and making up lies. Bill Press, a syndicated talk show, host wrote a book on this phenomenon called, "The Obama Hate Machine." He chronicles how wealthy white corporations have spent millions of dollars to destroy Obama's good name. They call him a Marxist, an anti-American, and describe him as being like Adolph Hitler because he can draw large crowds. In short, they are working the theme that he's "Not Like US," and we need to be afraid of him, meaning quite simply, he's not like white folks and we need to work to keep America controlled by whites.

One commentator, Michael Savage said he's Afro-Leninist, and Dangerous, whatever the heck Afro-Leninist is. Now with Ricketts we enter a new word and title into the lexicon for Obama put out by the Ricketts' plan which calls Obama a "Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln", whatever that is. My interpretation is that the name-calling is their way of saying he is a N----r, without using the word.

African American's have long joked that a Black person with a PhD, a JD, or an MD is still just a N----r in the minds of some Whites who hate Blacks. So I guess now that a Black person is the President of the United States, they have to find a new set of code words. And so we hear for the first time "Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln." Of course we know what they call us when they are not in mixed company, and one day soon one of those fools are going to slip and say what they really want to say. All I say is that I believe we are God's chosen and so is Barack, and no matter what they call us, still we rise!


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