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Barack Obama and Health Care

When my third granddaughter was born, her parents were living in Manchester, England where my son was going working on his Doctorate. When we got the word that they were going to have a baby, we just knew that they would need money. With checkbook poised to assist, we asked how much they needed. The answer was that there was no cost because in England Health care was free. Later when they would have health problems they would just go to the clinic at a cost of zero dollars (or pounds). Anyone needing health care would just go to the local clinic. At times the nurse would come to the house.

Now as you let that soak in, think about getting sick and or having a baby in the United States. How much would that cost? The answer is: plenty.

The next question is what would it cost if Barack Obama's Health plan was in effect and there was a government option? My limited understanding is that it would not cost anything except the tax that you would have to pay.

What I do know is that America would not have Medicare or Social Security if it were up to the same Republicans who pretend to be so against government sponsored programs. Of course they are for programs like war in Iraq and other far away places where black yellow and brown people live, especially if they have oil, gold, diamonds, or other natural resources.

The why is not complicated if you just follow the money. In America the health insurance conglomerates are raking in the money. At the same time they make the decisions as to what services are allowed and, therefore, limit the services you can get for your dollars. Private practice doctors are having a rough time competing while the corporate giants get bigger and bigger. The lobbyists for insurance and giant health care providers are having a ball keeping us, the common folks, out of the loop on health care. Under the George Bush policies, the Lobbyists wrote the legislation that the Republicans pushed. That legislation promoted policies that keep the pockets of the corporate giant's full and poor people without health care.

A prime example of the self help motivation of the health care industry is that under George Bush, health care providers were not allowed to negotiate the price of medicines under the Medicare bill. It was then made illegal to go to Canada, Mexico or other places to get less expensive medicines.

The key words in all of this are privatization which the rich adore and government assistance which they hate except when it benefits them. If you want to know where this policy of no taxes versus privatization gets us, look at California under Schwarzenegger. This broke state is about to run out of money for education, but they still have plenty for jails and prisons.

With AIDS and other diseases running rampant around America, the Republicans and their insurance corporation buddies are more interested in profits than cures or prevention of diseases and illnesses. It is truly time for CHANGE. You can do something.

We need to become proactive and write our United States Congressman and Senator to support President Barack Obama's Health Care plan. Obama can't do it alone. Your letters can help.


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