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The Republican Gang Program is to Repeal Progress, Privatize and Profitize

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial on Republicans showing their true colors...The Republicans are showing their true colors these days as they work overtime to try to make sure that the first Black President, President Barack Obama serves only one term. Actually, there is nothing new about their program. They have always profited by taking advantage of the poor and the have-nots. When there was a need for cheap labor in the new world called the United States they found Black Africans after the Chinese and European slaves didn't work out. The European slaves were given a nicer name, they were called Indentured Servants. After all, they were the cousins of the profiteers. But when you think about it, we're all cousins, thanks to rape and miscegenation. But let's not get hung up on labels.

Yes, the profiteers were once in the Democratic Party. Then Franklin D. Roosevelt had the audacity to lift the new country out of a period of poverty. Given a theory of working together for the common good, the always greedy profiteers ran back to the Republicans under President Ronald Reagan and the southern strategy. Let us not forget that Reagan kicked off his presidency in Philadelphia, Mississippi where the Klan killed Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney. Ironically, these three were killed for trying to gain their constitutional right to vote as African Americans.

That's what gangs do, kill those who intrude on their so-called territory. In this case, their territory was the right to vote. Today's Republican gangsters are trying to repeal the right to vote for Blacks. Their tactics are a bit more sophisticated but the desired result is the same: keep the right to vote out of the hands of Blacks and right thinking Americans of all colors; keep the right to vote for a limited few who will elect those who will benefit from their profit motive - to rule. When the profiteers rule, they elect people who produce tax laws that benefit them. These laws benefit the haves and keep the have–nots out. They produce Laws that are not only race based but gender biased in favor of male profiteers like control over women's bodies and sexual habits.

The appetite of the greedy gangsters is insatiable and Americans keep electing Republican gang members who want to privatize and profitize from everything that people need. Health Care, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all targets to be taken over by the profiteering privatizers. Why do Americans believe it is fair to require the medical profession and insurance companies to profit from people' health problems? Why do they think there should be a profit motive built into getting an education, or even a cancer examination? Why is the Post Office being targeted as a potential source for profit? Can you say "privatize?" By the way, don't think the Charter School movement is not a movement to take away public schools from the government, and privatize them, and fill the pockets of the Charter School owners. It's just more profitizing under the guise of better educating your kids. Why not just make all the schools better for all the children rather than a select few? Under that scenario, who gets selected out? Kids that look like me are forced into the school-to-prison pipeline where they call the gangsters Crips and Bloods, rather than Republicans and Tea Partiers.

Also, let us not forget there were profiteer Republican gang members under President Lincoln, before they were Democrats under Governor George Wallace. When Lincoln freed the slaves, the Republican profiteers joined the Democratic gang.

Currently there is a protest being led by activist Reverend Al Sharpton to stop the anti-voting rights of Americans across the country. That's today, as in March, 2012. Why are the Republicans trying to repeal the right to vote? People are a bit uncomfortable when I repeat that my daddy taught me that there are some white folks who don't sleep at night trying to figure new ways to keep Black folks down. Well I believe Daddy was right. And this is the evidence to prove it. If we were not on the verge of re-electing the first Black President, we would not be going there.

If that is not enough evidence, why is the Chief Federal Judge of Montana, named Cebull, openly sending out e-mails saying that "President Obama's mother had sex with a dog and he should be glad he didn't come out barking". The racist comments are so numerous that news commentator Bill Press wrote a book called THE OBAMA HATE MACHINE which calls out the Koch Brothers and others who are working overtime to keep us down. Don't take anything for granted. Start working today to defeat those who would repeal as many of our rights as they possibly can. Get ready to fight as we have had to do in the past to gain our rights. Now we have to fight to maintain them, starting with the right to vote.

P.S. Watever you can afford to give, send to the candidates who will best represent your interests!