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Tea Party = Return to Legal Racial Discrimination

Black news - Commentary from Joe Hopkins, Publisher on Tea Party and Return to Legal Racial DiscriminationThe more I hear about the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, the more surprised I am that the same America that overcame the discrimination of the pre Civil Rights Movement and the same America that elected it's first Black President less than two years ago is planning a return to pre Martin Luther King days and maybe worse. What am I to believe when I see in America where the following incidents are happening here, in 2010, thanks to the Tea Party?

Rand Paul, the Tea Party candidate for the United States Senate, admits that he would not vote for the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. He would vote against it primarily because he believes that if a White businessman wants to keep Blacks from eating in or trading in their restaurants or stores they should be able to keep them out simply because they are Black. This is not new. Many Republicans voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in 1964 along with Arizona Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Needless to say southern Senators also voted against the bill. It was because of the passage of the Bill and the concurrent Southern strategy that President Lyndon Johnson did not return to run for President for a second term. The Southern strategy said all Whites should vote for the White leading candidate and let the Blacks vote for the Democrats.

Tom Tancredo the Republican/Tea Party candidate for the governor of Colorado believes that the states should be able to return to Jim Crow laws like requiring poll taxes to be paid before you are able to vote. He also favors a literacy test such as the one used against Blacks of the old south that required a Black person to tell how many jelly beans were in a jar. A Congressional candidate in Oregon uses a book for home school education which promotes Blacks as "childlike and unintelligent."

Jim Russell, a New York Congressman, says openly that because Whites are becoming a minority they should vote for Whites only. Virginia Governor Bob Mcdonnell announced a Confederate History Month to praise the South's role in the Civil War. He promoted it while failing to mention that slavery was a primary factor of the war.

Sharon Angle, running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada, says that Latinos and Asians are stealing scholarship money from Whites. Former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott said that if America had followed the Strom Thurmond segregation plan of the 1940's, we wouldn't be having the problems we have today, presumably, with Civil Rights for Blacks and Latinos. Echoing the Trent Lott theme, a Virginia Senator recently said we wouldn't have a Mexican on the Supreme Court named Sotomayor, or a Health Department leader like Dr. Steven Cho who he called "Steven Chow Mein. "

New York Gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, sent out videos with the Obama's dressed like a pimp and a prostitute. Another called out, "You Lie" while the President was giving the State of The Union Speech. Another showed the President with an African bone running through his nose. Paladino also displayed an on-line video showing the President with African drum dancers, apparently representing Tribal dancers, at the Inaugural Ball.

While all of this is happening, many Tea Partier's are working on a plan to unseat the President and repeal all of his accomplishments. And Black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's White wife has joined her White brothers and sisters to work on unseating the President. She also wants Law Professor, Anita Hill to apologize for exposing that her husband sexually harassed her in 1991.

As if to demonstrate the stupidity of the Tea Party/Republicans, candidate for the United States Senate, Christine Odonell from Delaware, couldn't name a sitting Democratic Senator whom she could agree with. She named Hilary Clinton who is not a Senator but the Secretary of State and Joe Lieberman who is an Independent. Further, she argues that there is no separation of church and state in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Tea Party policy statements indicate they are anti-Muslim, anti-Black, and anti-Latino. The candidate for Congress from Virginia said his dog should be able to get welfare because, he's Black, can't read, unemployed, lazy, and can't speak English. Topping the list was Tea party/Republican Stephen Broden who said if the election doesn't elect enough Republicans/Tea Partiers, then the people have a right to use any means necessary to get rid of the government. I guess that means another Civil War.

Locally, in Pasadena, Congressman Adam Schiff's opponent in the upcoming election is Tea Party candidate Colbert. I urge you to vote for Adam Schiff.

Remember, many of the Tea Partiers want to repeal Health Care, the Fourteenth Amendment Right to Equal Protection, unemployment benefits, Medicare benefits, the U. S Department of Education, and probably us. They want to give more tax breaks to the rich because they say they believe that the rich will take care of the rest of us if they can keep their money. Let me inform you that that won't happen. It didn't happen while Regan was in office and it didn't happen while Bush was in office for eight years so what makes you think it will be different now?

See if any of your neighbors need a ride and take them to the polls on November 2, 2010. If you haven't voted regularly before, now is the time to get out and vote on November 2, 2010 to help keep these nuts out of office. I say don't forget to Vote and say "NO" to the Party of NO!


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