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Vote Republican, Suffer More. Vote Democratic for Jobs, Justice and Education.

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - how your vote mattersI turned on CSPAN Saturday morning and saw Republican California Congressman Darryl Issa talking about cutting employees at the U.S. Post Office. They keep talking about the size of government being too big. That means your jobs. The Issa statement echoes statements made by people like Meg Whitman who is talking about getting rid of welfare and firing thousands of government employees in California. So when they get through firing all of the government employees, how are they going to force small independent businesses to create new jobs?

The Republicans hate unions who work to make sure that employees get fair pay for a good days work. The Republican Party has raised the price of an education and then took away the money to hire teachers so our kids can't get an education. We have teachers and nurses who can't find a job, and yet Republicans and the Tea Party are talking about reducing the money for education even more.

The Republicans want to privatize all government services and give it to private industry, and they want the public to believe that they can do it cheaper and better than the government. The Republicans had a president and Congress in power for eight years and the economy went to hell. Now they want people to believe two things. They want us to believe that the Obama administration, in two short years, should solve the problems set up by the Republicans. And they want us to believe that the Republicans will do a better job if given another chance. I think not! If given another chance they will run us further into the ditch with their talk of privatizing everything and trickle down economics, aka Voodoo economics. Another way to put it is that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

From my vantage point, currently I see California has 34 prisons and no Black Colleges. If the Republicans have their way there will be more prisons, fewer jobs and fewer schools. Whitman has openly promised to take away the money from programs for the poor who need support and spend it on those who can qualify and afford to go to the University of California. Since the majority of those students she's referring to are white, that means "if you're Black you can get back, if you are Brown you can stick around" and wait on an opening in one of the prisons.

The Republicans and their Tea Party cousins are openly hostile to the agenda of Blacks, the poor and the middle class. The Democrats sometimes seem to be taking our votes for granted again, we still need Universal Health Care but the Republicans want us to return the power to the greedy insurance companies and greedy corporations.

The "One Nation Working Together" Rally on Saturday, October 3, 2010, focused on Jobs, Justice and Education. The Rally stressed people over profits, while the Republicans like Meg Whitman stresses profit over people. Elect the Republicans and we will return to the road leading to the depression that the Republicans was leading us to and who they now blame Barack Obama for. Barack Obama did not send our jobs overseas, the Republicans did, and if given a chance they will finish the job. It is insanity to think that if you vote the Republican "Party of NO" back in, they will do something different. They weren't ashamed to take tax money to bail Wall Street out, but they don't want to bail the masses of us out.

Schools, roads, homes railroads, bridges and people's lives need to be rebuilt. On November 2, 2010 we need to vote bring the George Bush and Republican wars against people of color to an end. Americans need to bring our money home to do the rebuilding. We need jobs not war.

At the Rally, Marian Wright Edelman presented us with the lessons of Noah's Ark.

  • Lesson 1. Don't miss the boat. If you don't educate ALL children we won't be able to compete in the global economy because we are not preparing our children for the future.
  • Lesson 2. We are all in the same boat whether we believe it or not. Today's minority is tomorrow's majority and we will need their income to fund tomorrow's Social Security.
  • Lesson 3. Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.
  • Lesson 4. Don't listen to the critics. Just get on board. If you don't want to be criticized don't do anything and don't say anything.
  • Lesson 5. Travel in pairs, or even with more, for safety sake.
  • Lesson 6. Remember that the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic was built by corporate experts.
  • Lesson 7. Build your future on high ground. Leave our world in better condition than you found it. NAACP President, Ben Jealous said, "You can't drown if you keep on kicking, so we can't stop fighting."

We are losing our homes and our jobs, and our students are coming home from college, not because they graduated, but because the country is broke. Jobs, justice and education are the new battle cry. Let's keep this in mind as we move toward voting on November 2, 2010. If we don't vote, remember, we lose!


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