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Prepare to Vote in November or Prepare to Lose What We Have Gained

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - why vote in NovemberThe Friday, September 17, 2010 Wall Street Journal reported that the great recession of the Bush years has cut family income down to making it the worst economy in America in over fifty years. We all know the job market is bad. We know that this country, and indeed the state of California which prided itself on free education, is on the rocks. The education and economic system has garnered a huge middle class of all races despite racism and discrimination. But now the Tea Party and the selfish Republican millionaires and billionaires are promising to turn the clock back.

One Tea Partier says we need to get rid of the Federal Department of Education. All of the Republicans say we need to cut taxes on the rich and increase the burden on those of us who earn less in order to improve the economy. When Ronald Regan started to talk about a theory that said if you cut the taxes on the rich they would take their profits and create more jobs in a trickle down theory, it was Republican George Bush senior that called it VOODO economics. Bush was right. When Bill Clinton sought to satisfy the Republicans by helping to promote what was called NAFTA and CAFTA, a billionaire Republican named Ross Perot said the great sucking sound that we heard was American jobs being outsourced and going overseas. He was right.

NAFTA - the North American Free Trade Agreement - and CAFTA - the Canadian Free trade Agreement - sent our jobs to Canada, Mexico and Central America. Theoretically, these two plans sought out new markets for American products. What in fact happened is that the plans surfaced as not new markets but as sources of cheaper labor. The result was bye-bye to American manufacturing jobs. Add the George Bush war in Iraq and you have a depression in America.

Just in case you don't understand the economics, if you spend one billion dollars a week of American tax money on war, you can't expect to have the billion to spend on education at home. It's like your personal budget. If you have one thousand dollars and you pay $400 on your house and $400 on your car there will be little left to spend on food, utilities and entertainment. You will be broke and have to either beg, borrow or steal to make up the difference. What you borrow is your deficit.

The more you borrow, the bigger your deficit and it can become so big you can't catch up so you have to start cutting out things. Things like health care, education and other things that could help you get ahead. That is where America is, and now you have Tea Partiers saying "let's get back to where we were in the good old days." That's code for getting rid of the Black President, welfare for the truly poor and handicapped, and social security for old folks who paid into the social security system as a way of insuring their future, and get rid of Medicare for those who can't buy private health insurance.

They make it sound like socialism, or communism, or anything ugly and ask you to vote for them and you can reduce taxes. Remember taxes are the paycheck to the government who hires people to build roads, airports, railroads, government buildings. This is the money used to hire teachers, police officers and firemen and county doctors and nurses for the hospitals your taxes build. You can call it socialism or whatever you want, but it all boils down to your job and your neighbor's job.

In California we have Republican Meg Whitman who says we are spending too much money on government. She is being characterized as a lying Pinocchio willing to say anything to get elected whether it's true or not. Too much money on government means we are paying too many teachers, janitors for government buildings, police officers and fire personnel. She says get rid of 40,000 of them and the economy will be better. We better ask, "Better for who?" She means paying fewer taxes and that sounds good. Whitman says we need to get rid of welfare or limit it to two years and use the money saved for students going to the Universities. This, from a woman who didn't vote for over twenty years. Some people say she got bored and is running to give herself a hobby.

Republican Carly Fiorino says elect her to the Senate to replace Barbara Boxer and she will help reduce taxes. Her history is that when she was the head of Hewlett Packard she did indeed reduce expenses by firing 30,000 employees and sending those jobs overseas to Asia and Europe. She made a fortune and was fired within a few years with a bundle of cash. Both Fiorino and Whitman are using their money, not their expertise, to get one of those government job that they pretend to hate.

As a note, locally, Pasadena has voted for a school board that is bragging about improving the test scores of students in the district. What they are not telling you is that while the test scores for White students is rising, the scores for Blacks is still below the acceptable target and they aren't doing anything to make it better. They reopened schools in Sierra Madre and McKinley so that White kids could have schools for, in effect, Whites only and their scores would go up.

As for the Tea Party, a Sunday, September 18, 2010 article by Star News, public editor Larry Wilson spells out the traps being offered for those who don't vote, mostly outside of California. There's the new Republican superstar from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, who said that Obama is anti-American and that masturbation is the equivalent of adultery because you are pleasuring yourself. O'Donnell lied about her college education, defaulted on her home mortgage loan, and now she admits that she dabbled in witchcraft. Elect her and see what kind of lie she will tell to try to stop Obama.

There is Carl Paladino running for the governor of New York. He ran ads that were said to be pornographic. The ads included one with African Tribal Dancers saying that was Obama's inauguration rehearsal. Paladino says we need to get rid of welfare and teach the recipients to bathe. Then there is Nevada's Sharon Angle who said that we need to shut down the Department of Education.

You can plan to stay at home and not vote if you want to, but I suggest that we start working on getting as many Democrats to vote to support Obama as possible. If not, we may lose him. With him may go Medicare, welfare, more teachers, police officers and public workers, etc.

VOTE VOTE VOTE November 2, 2010. Call your friends on the east coast.  Tell them to keep these nuts out so we don't turn the clock back on progress.