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This is Obama Country

Black news - commentary on Obama CountryBarack Hussein Obama is 44th President of the United States. He is the first African American President of the United States. This country was born in 1776 more than one hundred years after the first Africans set foot on this soil, in 1619. There have been 43 White male Presidents and now Barack Obama.

Black America is proud and thankful to young Americans of all races who went out and voted for the best man for the job. The tragedy is that the previous president took us into a war against two countries, one who we know had done nothing to us and in the process of prosecuting that war we spent the money that had been put aside to maintain the style of life we as Americans had grown accustomed to such as top quality education, employment at levels so high that people from other countries left their homelands and traveled here to work. These were the hallmarks of America where we could be all that we could be if we applied ourselves. In America you could be born poor or even a slave and rise to become a doctor, lawyer, educator, nurse or, yes, even the president of the United States.

Problems arose when we began to outsource those great employment opportunities to other countries. This started before both Bush presidents and even continued with Bill Clinton. The problems continued when greed allowed the richest Americans to begin to outsource their dollars to Swiss banks where they would not have to pay taxes. Then some of the richest American corporations like Haliburton decided to move their corporate headquarters to countries like Dubai where they would not have to pay taxes to America. In effect, these corporations get a free ride. They use our roads, our schools, our hospitals, and health care facilities, but their taxes don't help pay for them.

That is the world they handed to the first Black President and now they blame him for all of the problems of low employment and lack of free health care. I am still amazed that the wealthy Republicans have sold the idea to the poor and middle class that it is better to pay private insurance companies for insurance than have free health care for all. This is standard in other countries like England where my youngest granddaughter was born at no cost for the hospital or the doctor.

Let us not feel free to trash American rights like the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and religion for all religions, including Islam. Nothing should change just because America has a Black President. However, as we have watched events occur over the fight to change laws the ugly head of racism has reared its ugly head with the advent of a new political party called the Tea Party. Their goal is to put America back to the way it was. To Black Americans that means putting it back to the days when the myth of White Superiority was the order of the day.

This is the America that Barack Obama was handed to rule. Broke, battered and in the middle of two wars. But we should all remember that for now as surely as it was George Washington country with its slavery, as sure as it was Nixon country with its corruption, and Bill Clinton's with its prosperity, this is Barack Obama country now. If there is ever to be a Latino President, a female President, an Asian or any other non-White male president, this must work. For this to work, Americans must work together, not to see Obama fail, but to see America succeed and maintain its place as leader of the world.

It's time for the hatred and racism as displayed by the Tea Party to stop!