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The Basic Pattern of Destruction of Young Black Males Continues

The Pasadena city cops were bold enough to climb into the back seat of a private automobile andBlack news from Pasadena - Editorial - pattern of destruction kill a young Black man named Leroy Barnes. The same Police Department have been granted permission and the contract to climb onto the Jr. High School Campuses and police your children.

The pattern of defeating and destroying the hopes and dreams young Black men is always the same. At time 1, those who control the systems are forced by laws to provide equal opportunities for everybody. That included the young Black men. At time 2, as they prove they can compete, the power brokers change the rules. An example is the story of the Black Panthers. The Panthers developed nutrition programs for poor children. They developed neighborhood schools for the children. They fought to keep drug dealers out of their neighborhoods.

These positive programs were going well. Then the Panthers decided that they would arm themselves for self defense against police officers who used their might to try to control their neighborhoods. The problem was that they did so sometimes without great discretion. They thought that their second amendment right to bear arms meant them as well.

The police were enlisted to destroy the Panthers and they did that by bringing drugs into the Black communities across the country. And the drugs did the job.

Faced with the requirement to integrate the public schools the powers that be decided to initiate a series of programs that would make equal education impossible. One such program is the program called social promotion. This puts students who are not learning into classes where there are children who want to learn. The non learning students become forces for disruption. The disruptive students prevent those who want to learn from learning. The non-learning students learn soon that they can pass the class and graduate without learning, and so they drink the Kool Aid and move toward graduation.

Now you add police officers to the hormone and puberty filled Junior High School campuses and you guarantee that you can fill the jails without educating the kids. If my children were in public schools I would try to find a way to get them into a private school quick because the teachers have low expectations and the cops there guarantee that they aren't going to graduate anyway.

All of this fits into what my father taught me about survival as a Black man. That lesson is that there are some White folks in power who don't sleep at night trying to figure new ways to keep Black folks down. The example here is, if you don't want to make the effort to educate them, arrest them, or kill them.

When will it change? Maybe when we elect a few rebels to school boards who think that schools are supposed to educate. When schools are graduating only 50 percent this is not a school. When private schools who don't require state certification are sending more students to college than public schools, there is a disconnect. Only a rebel can change that pattern.

Jawanza Kunjufu wrote a series of books entitled, Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys.  As we watch recent events and read the books it is clear that the conspiracy is intact and the conspiracy has a new element. Police. Now you have teachers with low expectations for Black boys and cops with low expectations.

Black kids don't have a chance.


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