Our Twenty-Fourth Anniversary

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Pasadena Journal 24th anniversaryThis month marks the twenty-fourth year of publishing The Journal. We started from a four page pamphlet on the year of my father’s passing and moved from that to what we have today. It has been a labor of love based on the most basic motivator, filling a need.

When there was no newspaper focusing on the dreams, struggles and desires of the Black community, a need was created. My wife and I were blessed to be the ones to answer the call to publish a paper from the Black perspective.

My law practice, many times, was the primary financier of The Journal, but with the encouragement of our initial advertisers like Woods-Valentine Mortuary, Metropolitan Baptist Church, and others who have been there since the beginning, we have survived.

Our membership in the National Newspaper Publishers Association and the West Coast Black Publishers Association has also been a significant help. Those memberships have come through the mentoring of our friends, Hardy and Cheryl Brown of the Riverside Black Voice newspaper, and to them we say, “Thank you.”

A special group of contributors and writers made it possible for The Journal to stay relevant. To them we will always have a special place in our hearts.

Over the years we have celebrated our anniversary in different ways. The first three years we celebrated with The Pasadena Black Expo. On our 10th Anniversary, we held an anniversary dinner to honor those who had given much to the community. In 2001, we celebrated with a concert, calling it “Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.” In our 15th year, we celebrated with an open house during the holidays, and for our 20th Anniversary, we held a gala dinner at the Tournament House. Plans are being made for our 25th Anniversary. Stay tuned.

Most of our dreams have been fulfilled with The Journal. We have been honored by awards from numerous community organizations. The dream of starting a second paper has been ventured, but yet to be realized. The dream of our children taking an interest is taking shape in all three of our sons and their families who, knowing our hope that the paper will not die and transfer to family members, is closer to being realized. Our desire is to keep publishing The Journal every week for as long as God allows and keep it being “a voice” for and serving the needs of the community we love.

To those who have supported us over the years, we thank you.

We hope that you have received as much as you have given. We have tried to provide value added service by giving back to our community and to our advertisers with marketing and publicity which will help businesses and organizations. However, it is advertisement that serves as the life’s blood of a community newspaper. Without it, we die. The Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley area is a small market with fewer potential advertisers to draw from. For that reason each advertiser is treasured more than it would be if we were in a larger market, such as Los Angeles. We certainly have tried to give as much as we have received and pray that our relationships continue as long as we can keep this voice in the community.

Over the years, we have taken positions some may not have agreed with, however, one of my long-time friends said to me, “We should never let anything or anyone divide us, even if they get angry at what we say, sometimes. “

To our readers, we need you and we hope that we fill a need for each of you.

We look forward to continuing our service to you in the future!