No to Another War . . . Where’s the Quid Pro Quo for Black America?

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - No to another war - where's the quid pro quo for Black AmericaIf I were grading President Obama, I would give him an A minus. I would give him an A because he has achieved so many things that other presidents before him have failed to do. His primary legislative accomplishments have been the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. I know it’s a great accomplishment because the Republicans have dedicated their recent careers to trying to repeal it.

One reason I know the Affordable Care Act is a great accomplishment is by taking a look at the history of this country. Abraham Lincoln’s great accomplishment was signing the Emancipation Proclamation. The Proclamation was signed in 1863. In 1865 the Thirteenth Amendment freed America’s slaves. It ended an economic system that was immoral and unjust. A war was fought over the issue because the Southern farming system profited from slavery. The war was the so-called Civil War.

In 1954, in this country, the law of the land said that segregation of schools was ended and all Americans should and could go to school together. White Southerners found a way to make money out of integration of the schools, while trying to maintain the inequality of white privilege and the myth of white supremacy. They merely closed many of the publically funded schools and sent the public money to certain private schools. I guess you could say this was the beginning of Charter Schools.

Again, a war was fought over the issue of equality and it was called the Civil Rights struggle, led in great part by Dr. Martin Luther King. I suppose we could call him “General King”.

One thing that the Republicans don’t want America to understand about The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is that it is the law of the land. It is not a bill trying to get through Congress and signed into law by the president whose name is on the law. It is The Law. Since it is the law, everybody must obey it, just like the law that says you go to prison for murder or the law that says you have to pay taxes.

If all goes well and the law holds, all Americans will have health care for their families. Families will have the benefit of health care benefits and fewer will find themselves going bankrupt as a result of medical bills. What can be wrong with that?

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president and the country was in bad economic times, the U.S. passed the Social Security Act and later a Medicare bill. The profiteers wanted the bill to fail so they could somehow make money out of people’s misery, but they both passed and Roosevelt signed the bills and the country benefited. Even today there is a war to shut down public benefit laws like Medicare, public schools, and actually anything where public taxes pay the bill.

The so-called conservatives also want to shut down many non-taxed funded organizations. The prime examples here are the post office which is self-funded by its services and Social Security which is a contract between the government and the beneficiaries.

I find it funny and pitiful that Americans who think they are educated don’t understand the American system. They hear things like follow the money but they don’t understand it. I credit the war in Iraq and MSNBC television for educating Americans about following the money. We spent all of America’s treasury on a war we were lied into against a people that our government lied on and said they had weapons of mass destruction. In the end, our money was gone, our schools suffered, our jobs were gone, but the corporate rich, like Haliburton, got richer supplying the war.

Another War? I say “NO”! “NO”! and “NO”! We don’t need it. We didn’t go to war in Rwanda where nearly one million black people got killed. We didn’t go to war in Darfur where hundreds of thousands of black folks are still dying. And so why go to Syria where the quid pro quo (something in exchange) is for our sons and daughters dying? War is for the already rich American 0il industry can get richer. “NO”!

Why don’t we get our schools together and our health care together, and get rid of discriminatory activities in government employment, and anti-Union employment activities? Put America’s riches to the task of building America rather than tearing down other countries. They have survived for thousands of years without us so let’s concentrate on our own survival, some quid pro quo for our loyalty, in spite of how we as black folks have been treated since 1619.

Forget about war, President Obama. Don’t feed the greedy profiteers. They are insatiable. Take care of your people.