Make Mama Proud!

African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - Making Mama Proud - honoring motherAs another Mother’s Day rolls around, for me, it’s different. My mother is gone. I have the mother of my children and the mothers of my grandchildren, and I can say, without hesitation, they are all great and wonderful women. Each is different in motherhood, and while they don’t hold my heart as my mother did, they hold the hearts of the greatest prizes my wife and I ever contributed to anyone – our three sons. In turn, they gave us seven grandchildren. Fair trade is acceptable.

But as for my mother there has never been one as great. Many who knew her said, and I agree, that she was bigger than life to anyone she touched. There is not a lot more to say about her without telling the whole story, but a poem I wrote about our relationship tells it all. She’s been gone for 7 years now but the teachings she provided me continue to be the guiding light for my life. Starting with the moral teachings and Christian principles she molded for us in her image, she taught us by example about people, business, and family. The principles, when followed, result in success, proving that the Bible is right when it says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”, and “Honor thy father and mother and your days may be long upon the earth.” I have already lived longer than any of the men in my family line.

To those who don’t have the mother that I had and you are looking for a model to follow, I suggest you may find her in the principles set out in the Bible. Try it. Work on making your mother proud and you will be a better son or daughter. Read about Ruth and Naomi. You can be a better father by reading about the prodigal son and the reception his father gave him when he returned from the pigpen and the streets after squandering all his inheritance. The lessons are many, and you must study to show yourself approved. Hopefully, you have a mother to honor for all she did for you. Below is a poem that tells all about my mother’s influence on my life. After reading it, can you really say that quitting school, mistreating your lady, indulging in drugs and alcohol to excess, or stealing and lying, makes her proud? Make Mama proud!

Have A Happy Mother’s Day!

Making Mama Proud
A personal poem for Mother’s Day
By Joe C. Hopkins

I used to live to hear my mama say “that’s my boy”
When she said that with a gleam in her eye
I knew she was bragging and I was making her proud

Now that she’s gone and I’ve said good bye, I still live
In the way that would make Mama proud
As long as I’m doing what would make her proud
I know I’m on the right track

She believed in God and that’s the way she raised me
To live in a way that gave her pride to be able to praise me
I knew if I read my Bible and did what God said I would make Mama proud

I know she’s gone now and not coming back,
I know that’s what I should do because she showed me the right track.

I walk past her picture and smile I know that somehow she’s still watching
And I need to do what makes her proud

And though I’m an old man now I can still feel her arms around me
Telling the other church sisters and all who would listen,
“That’s my Boy,” because I was making her proud

The world may have teased me and called me a square, but it never mattered
As long as I was doing the right things, that was making Mama proud

From the way I dress to the language I use, the grades I made,
To that girl I married, the test is and was, always, would this make Mama

I still work at things as if she was watching because I want my actions to say
out loud
This would make her proud

It wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was downright hard,
Still though she’s gone to be with the Lord,
I believe she’s watching and I’m still
Checking myself daily to “do life” in a way that would make Mama proud

Lord knows she did the same for me and made me proud.