In the Land of the Blind the One Eyed is King

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Here's what we know about today's Republican Party...A young Black man came to my office to seek support of The Journal for a position he was seeking. When the subject of his being a Republican came up, he volunteered that his father had introduced him to a lot of Republicans and they were nice to him. My response at the time was that he should look at the evidence to see who is a Republican and who is a Democrat. There are at least 40 Black Democrats in Congress and no Black elected Republican Congressmen or Senators.

If Black Politicians are to maximize their power, they will do it as a group. What if Dr. King had decided that he would work alone? We who are Black and proud would still be seeking the right to eat at a lunch counter, unmolested. We would not have Civil Rights Laws outlawing discrimination in employment opportunities.

I told him that they were nice to him because they needed him like they needed a Clarence Thomas who openly displays his disgust at being Black. I call it being the ‘obligatory one’. The reason that Blacks loved the recent movie “Django” was because they saw the love of blackness on display. The reason Blacks love Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King was they believed and displayed a love for freedom, justice, and equality. Republicans don’t love equality for Blacks and, for the most part, display their hatred of us.

The reason that Black Americans generally can’t stand Clarence Thomas and are lukewarm on Condelezza Rice is that neither are 100% committed to the struggle for freedom and equality for their own people. In the eyes of the Republican Party, they see Clarence Thomas and former Florida Congressman Allen West as buffoons. They are evaluated as those who loves them (white) more than they love their own kind, like the character played by Samuel L. Jackson in “Django”. Malcolm X describes these persons as “House N—-rs”.

As for me, I would rather be able to say, as I once heard someone else say, and I paraphrase it here, I come as one but I stand as and with the thousand seeking freedom, justice, and equality for my people. Another, more street view, says, “I want the whole dog not just the tail”. When you stand alone you just get the tail. There is, however, one notable exception: General Colin Powell who is a Republican. He bucked the Republican Party and openly supported Affirmative Action, and he endorsed then Democratic Senator Barack Obama for President.

For those who know that Clarence Thomas and former Congressman Allen West love being Republican more than they love being Black, they understand that “in the land of the Blind the One Eyed is King.” Thomas will take the scraps of being a silent opponent, amen corner to Scalia as roadblock to his people’s progress than a real king and conqueror like his predecessor, Thurgood Marshall.

Here is what we know about today’s Republican Party. They are dishonest, selfish, greedy and wanting to privatize everything as a way of returning to State’s Rights that prevented Blacks from exercising their Civil Rights. They want to shut down public schools, the Post Office, public jobs, the right to vote, the unions, public health care for the masses, and help for the poor, but they want to open up more subsidies for big business without bidding as with Chaney’s Halliburton corporation.

Most of all, they want to shut down America’s first Black President, as they did in the post-slavery Reconstruction era. Oh yes, they may have been called Democrats then, but they are the same people. Remember, we have no permanent enemies or friends, only permanent issues of freedom, justice, and equality. Conservative Republicans want to take away our three B’s: Books (education), Ballots (vote), and Bank (jobs), to put and keep us in the land of the blind. When all of this is done, they will have shut down the American way and they will be in charge of a blind land because in the land of the blind the one eyed is king. Under certain circumstances, the Devil could be King as he was in days of slavery and when Hitler ruled Europe. My prayer is: “Lord keep my eyes open!”

As for the young man who told me he was a Republican, I don’t really care, but I note that he also said he was going to change to become a Democrat. I have not mentioned this young man’s name, yet, because we need to see if he is honest or just another Republican politician.