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Makenna & Milan's Corner

By Makenna & Milan Walker
Ages: 8 & 7
Pasadena, CA

Milan: I run for the Pasadena Running Roses. I just started running this year. At my first track meet I felt nervous. I didn't know where they held every race and in practice they started at the 200 mark but at the meet we started at the finish line.

After the race we got water but they didn't know where to send us. Across the field was long jump and I was supposed to go over there. I made it right when it was about to start.

I got 1st place in Long Jump and 3rd place in the 200. Coach Moseley told me that I beat my time. I was so happy I could turn into Unikitty from the Lego Movie.

On Monday at practice certain people got medals and I was one of them. I got a medal because I was paying attention and because I was warming up before my event.

I have awesome coaches: Coach Harvey, Coach Ashley, Coach Mosley, Coach Daryl, Coach George and Coach Angie.



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