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Change Your Clothes – Your Fabric is Stained

Isn't it interesting that the fabric of our existence is interwoven with many of the things that we do not want to be dominant in our lives? Why do we so intentionally reinforce that which causes us to wish for more, better or different? Mostly I believe because we do not take the time to put into action that which moves us closer to the smoothness of silk, the warmth of wool or the comfort of cashmere. We become so accustomed to sackcloth that we continue to embrace it as though it were our cloth of choice. Life is supposed to be a splendid event. It's a revolution of re-occurrences whose threads intertwine and hold us snug in our tailor made existences; or, it unravels causing an unsightly hem to obstruct the desired look. But as the creator of the garment many will give credence to the notion that we can design our lives but few actually consistently work toward the action process of designing, creating and selling the line.

So there I sat on my bed enthralled with this new piece of technology (okay new to me) which allows me to record the few shows I watch on television and look at them at my leisure. And if by chance I happen to be watching the show live, I can pause it while I go fix my African Autumn herbal tea and rejoin the program right where I left it. Ingenious. Until I realized, while fast forwarding through the commercials, that I had ideas and concepts flowing through my head that I had not given the proper attention.

Thus the stitching began to unravel. I thought I was content to watch the next two hour long episodes of one of my favorite legal dramas. But, my inner being felt like a discarded garment purchased only for the trend and now it was left to collect dust at the back of the closet. It wasn't until I took action to process my thoughts and concepts that this undue internal struggle ceased.

Habitually we believe that our emptiness or void in a certain area of our life is because we have not been able to do as much as we would like. The truth quite possibly could be that the emptiness is because we have not done anything. Our inner struggle persists when we are not making the effort to do that which is so heavily on our hearts and minds. By changing our habit and regularly engaging in deeds that cause us to be productive and not stagnant, we generate the foundation, stability and momentum necessary to strengthen our fabric in so many ways.

Don't allow your inactivity to be the stain that ruins your cloth. Be productive, proactive and industrious with your life. Get out of the bed, off of the couch, out of TV land and in to constructive activity which builds your life with those reoccurring events that you desire. If your response is that you have no clue what to do - start with something simple. The fabric of the most illustrious suit begins with a single thread. Your commitment to altering the fabric of your existence should be the same. Thread the needle and get to sewing.

[Mercedes L. Miller is a speaker and author. Her book Pathways to Peace: Meditations for a Tranquil Life is available in stores. Contact her at PO Box 25451, Winston-Salem, NC 27114 or visit www.mercedes-empowers.com.]


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