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More on Setting the Record Straight on Exercise and Pregnancy

Fit for Expecting Helps Women with Exercise Before, During and After Baby

Pasadena, CA -- There has never been a better time for a healthy pregnancy. Fitness experts and medical professionals no longer simply approve exercise, many are now recommending it. But women are still confused over the type and level of exercise, especially since each pregnancy is unique.

Jennifer Tucker is a prenatal exercise specialist and offers pre- and postnatal classes. She says the confusion stems from the fact that each pregnancy is so different that a one-size-fits all approach simply cannot work.

Jennifer created the Fit for Expecting program to cater specifically to women planning to conceive, those expecting a baby and those who have just given birth. It is a plan customized to the individual and designed to fit in with any current exercise program.

"Some women have very rigorous routines that obviously have to be adjusted," says Jennifer. "Others decide to exercise during pregnancy for specific reasons such as back pain, and many women decide to exercise for the first time after their baby."

The Fit for Expecting program is designed to give women the full benefits of exercise and to meet the unique needs that arise, often at different times, during the pregnancy year. It was, says Jennifer, developed from a passion to help women understand that exercise is safe and effective during pregnancy and from realizing there was a gap in the market.

Jennifer says she realized there was a lot of confusion on the subject when her sister was pregnant and doctors in her own family admitted they were not taught about exercise and pregnancy. Many doctors are often cautious on the subject, trainers often want to stick to a routine and celebrity moms who get super thin very fast present unrealistic expectations.

"What was missing," says Jennifer, "was a tailored approach that takes into consideration the physical and mental state of each woman, her family situation and her likes and dislikes."

The classes do not take the place of yoga or other exercise programs, but are designed specifically for a time when muscles, joints and tissues are challenged by the rapid changes going on during and after pregnancy.

Medical research shows exercise during pregnancy reduces backache, bloating and swelling and also results in increased energy and improved mood. It also helps with muscle tone, strength, endurance, faster physical and emotional recovery from childbirth, and losing weight gained during pregnancy.

Fit for Expecting currently offers workshops for expectant moms, a postpartum recovery class and an outdoor fit moms class. It also offers classes specifically to help with back pain and classes on regaining core strength after pregnancy.

"The outdoor class for new moms has proved very popular," says Jennifer. "New moms love it because it's outdoors and they can bring their baby and also meet new moms in a relaxed environment. Meanwhile, they are rebuilding their bodies in the way they should be rebuilt."

Fit for Expecting is based in South Pasadena. Consultations and sessions are held throughout the Los Angeles area. For more information: email www.fitforexpecting.com or telephone (626) 399-1025.


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