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African American news from Pasaena - Sports - Zen Master and NBA commentaryTHE ZEN MASTER TAKES HIS ACT TO THE BIG APPLE!

Sooner or later, it just had to happen. The Big Ego just had to get back into the game. About a year ago, his feelings were terribly hurt when the Lakers did not go into the fetal position, while they waited for his decision. They were impetuous enough to go and hire someone else. They did not know that you do not do something like that to the Zen Master. What you are supposed to do is to go into the prone position, and stay there until you get a decision from him.

So, now he will be gone, the New York Knicks have come begging. However, they did not come empty-handed, since there was a $12 million check in one of them. This is likely to turn out to be the hardest and most unpleasant job that he has ever had.

It is always been my opinion that Phil Jackson was more a manager of great talents, than a basketball coach. If you gave him a team that had at least 2 ½ superstars, then he was likely to win a championship for you. Typically, he liked to have a team with three proven superstars, plus two veteran players, and two experience backups. Of the 12 players on the roster, it would appear that he did not even know the bottom five. They rarely played, and they never got better. They were rumors that they never came to practice. Or no one would have noticed them, if they did.

With Phil, it was just the Triangle Offense and his three superstars. The Triangle Offense would guarantee you an NBA Championship, but only if Michael Jordan was on your team. It may be small of me to point out that any Offense would guarantee a championship, if Michael Jordan was on your team.

There will have to be a number of renovations at Madison Square Garden, before Jackson can move in to his new office. There will have to be wall-to-wall mirrors installed, so that he can admire himself, as he goes about his daily chores. There will also have to be a Meditation Room, whether players can sit in silence, and get in touch with their inner selves. While they are doing this, they will be able to gaze at a huge lighted portrait of Jackson. They will have to also be small rugs available so that supplicants may lie on them, and then speak to him, while they are on their knees.

Los Angelinos do not yet know if Jeannie Buss will establish her permanent residence in Gotham City. It is of course, none of our business, but inquiring minds want to know, and the subject is already under heavy discussion. She would add a significant amount of class, to a city that desperately needs some.

Also, will Kobe Bryant and possibly even LeBron James become Knicks? The team already has Carmelo Anthony, and he is a bona fide superstar. However, if he and Bryant were on the same team, the Knicks would have to get a special dispensation to use at least two balls, possibly even three. Using this approach, Anthony could have his own ball, Bryant could have his, and there would be one ball for the other three players to share. This might be a bit unusual, but it could work.

Will the Knicks install the Triangle Offense? To my knowledge, Denver Coach Brian Shaw is the only coach in the NBA, who is familiar with it. Will Jackson hire him away from Denver? Most assuredly, Jackson will definitely hire his own head coach. In addition to Shaw, my opinion is that the most likely candidates are the current head coaches of the Portland Trailblazers, or the, Indiana Pacers. Kurt Rambus is a family favorite, but he failed so badly at his last head-coaching opportunity, that he seems to be an unlikely choice for the top job. However, even definitely expect him to be the top Assistant to whoever becomes Head Coach.

When the Knicks hold their press conferences, the Reporters will have to kneel and look at the floor, while they are respectfully asking their questions. Failure to do this correctly, will lead to their being banished from the Empire State. There is also some consideration being given to changing the name from Madison to Jackson Square Garden. It does have kind of a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Of this, you may be certain; Jackson will do everything that he can in order to win another NBA Championship. Along the way, nothing would make him happier than trouncing both the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. If this did happen, the smile on his face would be priceless.

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