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African American news from Pasadena - Sports - Byron Scott, NBA Championship pick, movie '42', Harrison Ford best performance and moreByron Scott is the ideal person to become the next head coach of the Lakers. That is my opinion, and there are many others who agree with me. Not only is he right for the job, the timing is also perfect. Byron is now available, since he was just fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a team with only one NBA quality player, and he was injured for most of the season. In spite of that, the Cavaliers gave a good account of themselves, as they scored upsets over some of the best teams in the NBA.

There is a general feeling among most of the people that I talk to that Mike D'Antoni is in way over his head, as the head coach of the Lakers. This stage is simply too big for him. It isn't that he is bad; he just isn't great, and regrettably this is not something that can be fixed. He was perfect for Phoenix, and that is probably where he should be.

Scott played on the Championship Lakers Teams, during the Magic Johnson Showtime Era. He is now, what he was then, a dependable hard-nosed performer. During his coaching career, he led the largely no-name New Jersey Nets to two Championship Finals against the mighty Lakers.

In my opinion, the Cavaliers would have been better served if they had retained Scott, and added another quality player for next season. It was reported that they offered the head coaching job to Phil Jackson. They apparently did not realize that the Zen Master will only accept a coaching job, if the team already has at least two superstars. He may not be the best coach in the world, but he is certainly the most opportunistic. So, naturally he turned them down. Replacing a head coach on the Cavaliers, or any other substandard team, is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It won't make any difference.

The Lakers had to be rightfully concerned that there would be some tension between Coach Scott and Coach Bryant. I am sure that he has great admiration for Bryant as a player, however Scott would run the team, and he would do it his way. It would be fortuitous for Scott to be able to coach the team for most of next year, without Bryant. Then, when and if, Bryant returns, he would be coming back to a structured environment that was already functioning. Scott would certainly respect his talent and his desire, but he would do the coaching. In the history of the NBA, no team with dual coaches has ever won a championship. Ponder that.

As incredible as it sounds, the Clippers now have more talent than the Lakers. This may not be good news for Coach Vinnie del Negro. This is the kind of team that the Zen Master would like to coach. He could probably win a championship with it next year. That would be extremely satisfying to him, on many levels. Possibly, the most important of these is that he would be sticking it to Jim Buss. There was never a good relationship between the two of them. Another plus for Jackson is that he would not have to leave Los Angeles. He talks a lot of Zen about places like Wyoming, but he has spent most of his free time in the bright lights of Los Angeles. Also, the fans here love him almost as much as he loves himself.

My brother Neal is the real sports fan in the family. Earlier in his life, he wrote the software programs that are used by the U.S. Navy on their Destroyers. You know the kind that when you push a button, a missile is launched. Anyway, he has picked the Miami Heat to win the NBA's Championship this year. Although he is much smarter than I am; through the years I have managed to relieve him of some of his coins. Just to mess with them, although my heart is not in it, I have picked the Oklahoma City Thunder. We will see what we will see.

I went to see the movie "42 Extreme". It was great, I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it. Chadwick Boseman became the Jackie Robinson that we idolized. Nicole Beharie became the Rachel Robinson that we would have wished for him.  She was beautiful, sweet, independent, strong, intelligent and devoted. I suspect that the real Rachel Robinson was very pleased with her performance. Harrison Ford brought the legendary Branch Rickey to life. This was a challenging role that he seemed to relish, and it was pivotal to the essence of the movie. As great as he has been in the past, I think that this may have been his best role ever. Out of necessity, there is a great deal of profanity in this movie. So, this version may not be suitable for those who are under 13 years of age. So, "42 Regular" may be more appropriate for them.

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