Dedicated Workers of the Church


African American news from Pasadena - Editorial - 2014 Women of Achievement announcedThis week, we had a photo shoot with the Journal Women of Achievement, class of 2014. They are a fascinating group of women. They are all long-time Christian women who immediately connected with each other in many different ways. They are all parents. They are teachers, postal service workers and achievers in their own right. Two women are the mothers of Superior Court judges. They are mothers of businessmen and businesswomen. They are the mothers of achievers who have yet to receive the public acclaim they deserve. Pride wakes them up daily to step into a world that did not treat them as the queens they are. They are the products of societal rejection that they did not accept. They have been blessed over the years to overcome and have generously given their time and talent to their church – the one surviving Institution that helped us come from nowhere.

It was a fitting coincidence, if there are any coincidences, that this was the week that President Obama declared that we would do something about the historical rejection of our young black males. This week he declared that we should invest in them. These women have already invested in black children as Sunday school teachers, Christian educators, and proud role models as such as ushers and witnesses to the power of mother’s prayers.

They have been quiet warriors who when told they could not teach here or there, they taught somewhere else, until times got better. They are quiet pioneers who raised their children in the way of the Lord, teaching them that they could be and do anything, if they applied themselves.

They are the children of those black Southerners who mortgaged their lives to make better places for their children who now make them proud. Through it all, they raised their children in the light of the Lord so they could see the way to achieving. Today, their children are the bonus.

These wonderful women are the product of sacrifice of mothers who did without and sometimes moved from the bitter segregation and discrimination of the South to find a better place to raise their families. Some moved to get to a warmer climate, but they moved, and things got better because they prayed, and worked hard.

This year’s honorees are: Evelyn Epps of Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church, Lois Tusan of Scott United Methodist Church, Ruby Bourne of Bethlehem Church, Patricia Williams of Friendship Baptist Church, Phlunte Riddle of Abundant Harvest Christian Center, Gwen Buchanan of New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church, Jeanie Beard of Metropolitan Baptist Church, and Carrie Dockwa of Morningstar Baptist Church.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to the 2014 Women of Achievement Breakfast on April 12, we will share their stories with the community. We invite you to come out and honor these women who have been the quiet warriors in the churches.

For tickets or more information, contact The Journal Offices, at 626-798-3972626-798-3972.