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Venus Shart - A Story of Survival

Venus Sharp is an Aids survivor. This mother of four is the product of a truly dysfunctional family.

Venus Sharp

 The story has it all - incest, promiscuity, drug abuse, and even touches of God's greatest gift - love. But the so-called love is often overshadowed by acts of violence and misguided hatred. The range of men in the life of Sharp ranged from a father that raped her to a so-called lover who brought his prison contracted Aids outside the prison walls into the lives of those he said he loved. With a growing number of female Aids victims, and the highest number being Black, this brave lady has stepped forward to tell her story to help others to watch out for the signs, in order to survive. Listen well to her life and live!

Born in New York City Venus married her childhood sweetheart at age seventeen and gave birth to two children. That is the end of the fairy story. What her husband didn't know was enough to destroy the marriage, once he found out. The lady he married had been raped by her father when she was age five. She joined her mother and grandmother in drug use by the time she was nine, and went from Marijuana and alcohol use to crack cocaine.

These factors caused the end of her marriage. She had entered into her marriage without telling her husband everything about herself, so they divorced and she was left a single mother with two children.

In 1989 her mother died, and one year later Venus received the deadly 'gift' of AIDS from her charming boyfriend. He had just been released from prison where he practiced unsafe sex with other male prisoners.

When she learned she had AIDS, she told him and his response was such that she realized that he knew he was a carrier but wasn't too concerned about her.

In spite of the former prisoner/lover's condition, she gave birth to two more children. Twins. Both born HIV positive. By a miracle these two developed their own immune system by the time they were 16 months, and the disease they contracted by a careless mother was gone. Also gone were her parental rights. Her twins were lost to the foster care system. Venus would learn later that they were both adopted by two loving parents who were in the ministry. By the time she reconnected with them, they were productive teenagers who had been protected from the life their mother and father had to offer.

When Venus got so sick that she thought she was dying, so she took her two oldest children to California to live with and be cared for by a friend and California made a difference in her life. The girls who had been cared for by their grandmothers on both sides while their parents wallowed in a carefree drug filled life, were placed in foster care. Her aging mother who had served as a crutch was placed in a nursing home, and now that the crutch was gone, Venus enrolled herself into drug rehabilitation.

With help and determination, instead of dying, Venus got healthier and ended up in Pasadena. Now she tells her story to others so that they may know that the disease does not need to be a death sentence and that it is a preventable disease if people practice safe sex and avoid careless drug use. Today she knows she is blessed to be alive and that the toughest part of the storm in her life is over. She tells her story to help reduce fear to all who will listen through her church, Pasadena Church, and the Pasadena AIDS Service Center. The Center is located at 909 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 Phone(626) 441-8495.


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