Celebrating Inequality and Making Money Out of Other People’s Misery

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Inequality and politics - Making money off other people's miseryThis week, we learned that our so-called political leaders want to send us back into war so we can spend the rest of the nation’s economy with their billionaire corporate friends. This time, we may be fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda. The Congress wants to shut down the Food Stamps program but they would like to keep giving financial subsidies to already rich farmers, some of whom are Congressmen voting to stop the Food Stamps for the less than fortunate.

The states are passing laws to stop abortion so that they can stop the white population numbers decreasing in an effort to bring their numbers up with the darker immigrants who keep producing babies in growing numbers. There’s nothing moral in their anti-abortion desperation. They will do anything to prevent being outnumbered or having another Black President get elected.

The southern strategy is in high gear. Even cooking Icon Paula Dean has reverted to her southern, traditional nostalgic ways and got caught admitting that she (fondly) used the N-word. She lost her job, however, former crack cocaine dealer, Jay Z, and dope smoking hero, Snoop Dogg, are still riding high and probably making liberal use of the N-word in their so-called Gangster music. It’s okay for them to use it because it teaches self hatred to younger Blacks, so they can fill up the corporate private prisons, rather than in the voting booths or, heaven forbid, college.

Marvin Gaye’s song, “What’s Going On”, would have a new verse with all of the current doings, none of which are designed to help Black America catch up. While all the nation was fixed to their television sets watching basketball, the Conservatives were plotting in Texas, Wisconsin, and across the nation on how to keep the masses down and how to stop Obamacare.

This could give everybody free health care and stop insurance companies and doctors getting rich off of people’s suffering. You’ve got to wonder why is it that people get rich off of providing health care.

Why are the Conservatives now working to replace free public education for all with Charter Schools for a select few? We now discover that even Catholic schools that also educated some of the best and brightest in Black America are closing their doors. (New York Times, June 21, 2013). Black Colleges are in trouble, more than ever, with two new ones scheduled to close soon, according to a recent news article about Howard University’s financial troubles.

While the news tries to focus on Rapper Kanye West having a baby, they are taking away the rights of poor Black and Brown folks. North Carolina is determined to prevent Black citizens the right to vote, while in Texas, legislatures are sneaking through tougher security immigration laws during wee hours of the morning and has reenacted all of its discriminatory voting laws, since the Supreme Court has struck down Voting Right. We call it the United States of America but some can’t seem to get united as long as it might benefit all the people. Don’t forget to find a way to support the North Carolina NAACP president, William J. Barber, II and his community’s Moral Mondays. Let us not forget that tomorrow they may come for us.

Locally, I discovered that there are no free public summer schools. Unless you can afford to pay, guess who that affects? Since most churches don’t have summer schools, guess who falls behind? The school superintendent and some Board members seem to be ignoring the achievement gap as Black and poor kids fall farther and farther behind. Maybe that’s the natural order of things. While we teach our kids to glorify the Rappers, the schools are shutting down, and the end of equality is near, unless the kids are taught that the progress of the next generation is up to them.

Caution: We need to watch the phenomenon that says we don’t need to continue with Affirmative Action because it is working and equality of opportunity has created a large Black middle class. You wouldn’t stop giving the polio vaccine or fighting crime because it is working, so why stop working on equality because we have a Black President?