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A Dog’s Life is Worth More in America Than a Black Man’s Life

African American news from Pasadena - Commentary - Dog worth more than a humanI am an elder, and I long to see America live out its creed that all men are created equal. However, America falls far from the mark of justice for all. In America it is justice for some. For this reason, I do not pledge allegiance to the flag for its wording does not hold true for African-Americans. This Zimmerman/Martin's verdict is a disgrace to America. And you say it's not about race, and the jurors are color blind. You are right they were color blind because they saw white and they did not see black. They were blind to color and that is why they only saw and took the side of a murderer—George Zimmerman.

I can guarantee you that in America, there would have never been six black women as jurors when a white man's life was on the line. Never. Never. Never. If you want to know why there were all women and all white women, let me tell you why. They knew that if they had just one black woman, she would have seen both sides and voted for justice. Why all women? They needed a not guilty verdict and they counted on the emotional side of a woman who could not stand to see her white son in prison, especially for taking the life of a black person. After all, history bears record that it's okay for a white man to kill a black man and walk free—the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Revisit the movie, "A Time To Kill," where a white man was on trial for raping a black girl. When the lawyer asked the jurors to close their eyes, he said imagine that this little girl who was raped was a white girl, and then give your verdict. They all quickly agreed that the perpetrator was guilty.

Consider the facts. Michael Vick was given two years in prison for dogfighting and George Zimmerman gets zero time for killing a black boy. What's up with that, America the beautiful? Every American who believes in freedom and justice should be outraged about this verdict because injustice hurts us all. How do you think the world sees America? No wonder they hate us. They see us trying to control how they treat their people and we treat some people in our country worse than we treat animals.

Don't be surprised if non-black business owners start burning down their businesses like they did in Los Angeles after the Rodney King's verdict. They saw it as an opportunity to collect insurance and FEMA money and get from under the debt they owed. Blacks did a small share of the burning, but very few black business owners were given insurance money to rebuild their businesses.

America, the beautiful, you won't be beautiful long if you don't stop your wicked ways. God is watching. To the rich and mighty, you have more money, more power, more gun power, and more influence in the legal system. However, you are no match for God. God is still in charge of the elements such as: the wind, rain, storm, tornados, hurricane, floods, and fires. And haven't you noticed how God's elements are destroying those who oppress the lesser ones and those who stand by and allow it to happen turn their heads? You are being judged too! You don't get it?

The blood of the ancestors is crying from the grave for God to avenge for the wrong doings and God is hearing their cry. If America does not turn from her wicked ways, the worse is yet to come. Just wait and see. Every believer and God-fearing person had better speak up where injustice is being done because when the wrath comes, the good will have to suffer for the bad. Justice for all and not just for some is everybody's business.

[Dr. Rosie Milligan, minister, author, publisher, talk-show host, estate planner, and owner of Professional Business Management/Consulting Services, 1425 W. Manchester Avenue, Ste B, Los Angeles, CA 90047, 323-750-3592, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.Drrosie.com.]




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