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Huh? Jury Rejects Evidence, Finds Physician Not Guilty of Causing Brain Damage

Black news from Pasadena - National - Judy Peters lawsuitJudy Peters went to a major hospital in Massachusetts to have a needle core biopsy procedure performed, but the 15-minute procedure took more than one hour . . . and she ended up with brain damage. And recently, a jury said her physician was "not guilty".

Springfield, MA (BlackNews.com) -- At 45 years of age on May 1, 2006, patient Judy Peters attended an appointment with Dr. Carlos Valdes at a major hospital in Springfield, MA to have a needle core biopsy procedure performed. Dr. Valdes told Ms. Peters this type of procedure would take about 15 minutes. However, Ms. Peters remained on the procedure table for one hour and 35 minutes, during which Dr. Valdes said she hemorrhaged the entire time.

Valdes admitted to administering Epinephrine at least five times during the one and a half hour time interval. A registered nurse was called over the hospital's intercom to come into the procedure room in order to take Ms. Peters' vitals. At 10:10 a.m. the nurse recorded that the patient's pulse dropped to two beats per minute and at 10:20 it had gone up to six beats per minute though a hand writing expert uncovered that those numbers had been tampered with. The patient's blood pressure was recorded to have dropped to 80/50 mm/hg.  However, Ms. Peters heard the nurse say 60/50. The patient soon fell unconscious on the procedure table and was moved to a different room in which she remained unconscious for one hour. She was not provided oxygen, IV fluids, or a blood transfusion. She was not taken to the Emergency Room (despite the fact that the ER was on the same floor as Dr. Valdes' office) nor was she taken to the Intensive Care Unit.



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