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Romney Endorses President Obama's Plan

Black news from Pasadena - News - Romney endorses Obama...In the third and final debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the President was the clear winner. President Obama not only won the debate, decisively, but seemed to have converted his opponent to the Obama team. Governor Romney agreed with President Obama over and over again and in doing so seemed to disagree with the former model of himself.

MSNBC contributor, Joy Reed, said that Romney seemed to have been a vacuum cleaner salesman telling the potential customer that if he didn't like the vacuum for the floor maybe he could use it to blow up balloons. She said that Romney seemed to come to the fight, crawled into Obama's pocket and never landed a blow on the President.

Romney seemed to shed his previously claimed conservative skin in favor of agreeing with the President's policies on Drones, the Arab Spring, the war in Afghanistan and our troops leaving by 2014. He also seemed to agree with the President on education, defense and the economy.

Reverend Al Sharpton said Romney reminded him of the prize fighter who, when he realized he could not win, just hugged the President all night to keep from getting knocked out. In the end, Romney seemed to have gotten knocked out anyway.

Obama displayed his knowledge and Romney's lack of knowledge when he said that Romney statement on the strength of the United States Navy was less than it was in 1917. Obama quickly educated Romney on Naval strength not being based on the number of ships any more than it was based on how many horses and bayonets we have. "Today's Navy has floating cities called Aircraft carriers . . . . Airplanes take off from (them)". Obama said, "Today's Navy has Nuclear submarines who can sail underwater."

The President told the world that Romney was living in the past not just by talking about the number of ships the navy has but his policies on foreign policy was based in the 1980's, with talk of Russia being our mightiest enemy. The President equated Romney's social policies with those of the 1950's, with talk of banning contraceptives and a woman's right to choose. He basically struck Romney out with the observation that Romney's economic policies were from the 1920's, implying that they would lead us to a 1929-type depression.

The President displayed his brilliance and his grasp of America's role in the world quoting historical figures like former President John F. Kennedy. The debate defeat by President Obama came on the eve of one of Utah's most influential Mormon newspapers, The Salt Lake Tribune, endorsing president Obama over Romney.

It seems that before the evening was over, the only thing left for Romney to do was to join the chorus of those who say, "VOTE OBAMA"!


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