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If Romney Fires Big Bird, What About Your Job?

Black news from Pasadena - Romney plans to fire Big Bird...is your job next?When Mitt Romney stated that he would stop the subsidy to PBS and, specifically, Big Bird and Jim Lehrer who has been on PBS for over thirty years, he exposed himself more than he realized. First of all, his comments were probably the only factual thing he said that people remember him saying. The rest was factually challenged. But now he is being challenged about getting rid of Big Bird. First of all, Mitt Romney's statement, specifically, was, "I'm sorry Jim. I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm going to stop other things. I like PBS. I love Big Bird. I actually like you, too. But I'm not going to . . . keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it."

The initials PBS stand for Public Broadcasting System. It doesn't say RBS or Romney Broadcasting System. The memo to Mitt Romney needs to say, "You can stop programs on the Romney Broadcasting System, but PBS belongs to the public. Mr. Romney doesn't seem to understand what his role as President would be, if the public saw fit to ignore his lies and elect him.

By telling Jim Lehrer he is going to fire him, he reminds us all what he likes to do and that is to fire people. Know that whether he doesn't like something or not, he is not the determiner of all things public. However, it may help demonstrate the Romney criteria for promoting policies that could determine how many jobs America loses if he is elected President. If he is going to fire Big Bird, and he has stated that he thinks we don't need more teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and other public jobs, we each must ask how safe is our job. History buffs know that but for public jobs like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and the WPA (Works Progress Administration) of the thirties, the Great Depression would have lasted longer than the twelve years it did.

Sesame Street is America's largest classroom. Its' student population is racially diverse and provides seats for those who can't afford to go to private schools like the Romney boys probably went to. The staff is also racially diverse which demonstrates that Americans of racially different ethnic groups can perform as professionals in fields other than sports and Rap. It is the street where the public live and learn. Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar, the grouch all teach valuable life's lessons on Sesame Street. Charles M. Blow is writer and columnist for the New York Times. In his October 6, 2012 column entitled "DON"T MESS WITH BIG BIRD", he tells about how Sesame Street helped him through life. It was a substitute for the museums, libraries, art programs, science classes, and nature classes that they didn't have in the rural community where he grew up. It provided enough exposure to science, math, and literature, to help him pass his college entry exams.

Blow went on to become design director of the New York Times and art director for National Geographic magazine. Clearly Sesame Street has value for the children of the 47% that Mitt Romney has such disdain for. My children spent many hours watching and learning from Big Bird, Elmo and the gang on Sesame Street.

I am a PBS fan, myself, and on PBS I discovered "Three Mo Tenors," Darin Atwater and Soulful Symphony , and Jazz Violinist Karen Briggs with "Yani in Greece". I make donations to PBS, in addition to the tiny amount of taxes that go to it and share the cultural expressions of the music with my children and grandchildren. The lessons of television can be invaluable. Black America learned from television that their children could be doctors and lawyers by watching Bill Cosby and the Huxtables. Know that by watching Sesame Street and Big Bird our children can be teachers, scientists, and anything they want to be. There's nothing broken about Big Bird, so let's leave it alone. Mr. Romney, if you want to fire somebody, fire the neo cons who keep finding money to start unnecessary wars.

Vote November 6th for President Obama and Save Big Bird!

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