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Create Your Own Job and Stimulus Package

Kevin Jones, an entrepreneur and owner of "Business-In-A-Bucket," has a prescription for those who are suffering from unemployment-the layoff blues. As we embark upon the worse economy ever, it is imperative that we think fast and think outside the box. Jones says, "Let's face it, we are drowning. There is a giant leak in America's 'economic boat.' Do we wait for someone to come patch the hole, or do we jump off and swim to shore?"

I asked Jones, "What if you drown before reaching shore?" He answered, "If you stay in the boat and do nothing, it's a sure thing that you will drown. If you get out of the sinking boat and try to save yourself, your chances of surviving are greater."

Let's face it, jobs that people used to turn their noses up at yesterday, today, they wait in long lines for those same jobs. Whoever thought a teacher would suffer unemployment? Jones believes that entrepreneurship is the basis for economic empowerment. When Jones told me he was offering people a "Business-In-A-Bucket," I laughed so hard-but of course, he got my attention. "Okay," I said, "let me see what you got here."

He showed me a bucket loaded with everything one needed to professionally detail a car. He then showed me a book he has authored entitled, The Owner's Guide to Auto Detailing. I thought to myself again, Who wouldn't know how to detail their car? I opened the book and saw in bold print "DO NOT USE DISH SOAP TO WASH YOUR CAR." I said I didn't believe that. There was much more in his book that I did not know, like never use polishing compounds on a black car as they will scratch the finish. You use a liquid compound wax cleaner. If you have tinted windows, you should use a cleaner free of ammonia and/or alcohol, otherwise, they will eat away the tint. The book offered fifty-eight car maintenance tips.

I called a tax preparer and an estate planner next door to me to have them look at the products. Quickly, they saw the business opportunity. One said, "In this parking lot alone, a person doing this 'Business-In-A-Bucket' could get cars to detail." The other one said, "I want a clean car, but I don't have the time to do it, or the time to take it to the carwash." He voiced the sentiments of thousands.

"Business-In-A-Bucket" is simple and you can make money without the hassle and stress-plain and simple. I started thinking of the many ways to create revenue from Jones' concept. 1. Auto Preservation Consultants 2. Mobile Auto Detailing 3. Selling a Do-It-Yourself Auto Detailing Kit

"Business-In-A-Bucket" is a low-cost start-up business, under $50, and you are equipped to do business right away. It's a great way to help start your youth in business for themselves, with you teaching them and getting your friends to become their customers.

After a home, a car is the next most expensive investment that most people make. In addition to learning how to create your own jobs, you will learn how to preserve your car and save money with a do-it-yourself professional kit.

We must find ways to create our own stimulus packages, and doing for self is a great start. Something so simple can lead to something so great.

Mr. Kevin Jones can be reached at (714) 452-7841 or visit www.KJeine.com for more information on "Business-In-A-Bucket."


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