A Tragic Mother’s Day, For Some

Black news from Pasadena - Editorial - Mother's Day in the me-only worldIn Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest countries, 223 girls (and counting) have been abducted from their boarding school while they were sleeping. As the story goes, a terrorist group called Boko Haram entered with guns and kidnapped the girls in the middle of the night. After taking the girls, the group burned down the school. Boko Haram apparently means western education for girls is forbidden.

The kidnapping took place on April 14, 2014 and they have yet to be found. The President of Nigeria Goodluck Johnathan has vowed to help find them but, as of the writing of this article, they have not been found.

All around the world, people are being punished by others with more power for believing something different. Church policies spend more on the pastor than on programs for the children they are supposed to be teaching. Gay rights groups are fighting to take jobs from all others who have jobs that they believe someone gay should have.

Marijuana smokers want the right to smoke anywhere, while others are doing time for having done it. Gun rights people believe that they should be able to carry their gun anywhere, including to church and schools, and in bars where alcoholic beverages are sold. Those who don’t believe in abortion rights believe they can kill or otherwise destroy others who believe in it.

Republicans who vote, and want others to vote Republican, like them, don’t think the others should be able to vote. People who believe that Blacks and Browns should be kept away from getting a top education, make laws to stop programs like, affirmative action, designed to share and even-up the playing field to allow the same opportunities for hundreds of years of white privilege.

Those who want to prevent equalizing the opportunity for health care make phony rules to stop the masses from getting health care. They say that Obamacare will prevent job growth, increase the cost of health care, and create death panels, and on, and on, with one lie after another. Those who don’t want a Black President call him a Kenyan, say he stole the presidency, call him the anti-Christ and a thousand other things. They want to stop the march for equal employment because it is headed by a Black man.

Job creating is now a bad thing, the anti-poverty program which increased the Black middle class more than ever before, is a bad thing. Increasing the minimum wage is a bad thing. What is good?

We went to see our granddaughter in a high school play in another town this past week. The event provided us a dinner and then the play (George Gershwin’s “Cinderella”). One guy ate the meal and then put his head down on the dinner table to sleep through the play. He chose the part of the evening he wanted and rudely slept through the rest of the evening. WHY? Why was he even there? That is an example of what we are seeing in this what’s important to me-only world.

Let us put aside our differences this Mother’s Day and wish our mother a Happy Mother’s Day. One day she won’t be there and you will, hopefully, miss her. As you think about her you must think about how great it is to be alive. Those mothers in Africa without their daughters are in agony. Other mothers closer to home have lost their children in drive-by shootings. World-wide children are being abducted and sold as sex slaves or caught up in human trafficking. Far too many mothers will suffer a tragic Mother’s Day. Between God blessing your mother who gave birth to you, she deserves to have peace of mind knowing you are safe and still here for her to love. She deserves at least a thank you from you, and much more. Thank God for your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!